Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I've been crazyyy busy once again.
My new years resolution is to make time to regularly blog in the new year - I really hope to adhere to it! I will be doing a few catch up posts so please bear with me...so excited to have 10 followers - 1 is secret i'm not being delusional (:

The background for these is my lovely room at home, which is rather untidy at the moment so please excuse the mess, I've done the best I could with the tiny amount of time I've had.
I really wanted to show off this gorgeous long/short skirt I recently purchased from Forever21.(please excuse me if i'm making a huge faux par by not knowing the correct name.
I've momentarily neglected VOGUE
ASOS and Topshop had none from which I could steal the correct name and educate myself. Regardless of it's name it's a beautiful bargain addition to my wardrobe.

I'm currently exploiting the Cargo Lipgloss I received in my Glossybox for December (I sadly didn't have a spare moment to post about the lovely bits I received on here, but have instead thoroughly used all my samples.
I can guarantee that this ring will feature quite regularly on my posts - I absolutely love it. I completely recommend llymlrs' jewellery jwllry. It's well priced, beautifully made and adjustable - which is essential for anyone as indecisive as me (: I've linked to llymlrs.com just incase anyone has been hiding in a cave and isn't aware of her marvellous and deservedly recognised blog.

Top: ASOS, Skirt: Forever21, Ring: jwllry, Lipgloss: Cargo,
Nail Varnish: No7 Glitterball and Revlon Love Her Madly


Barry M: Blueberry and No7: Glitterball
Barry M: Peach Melba and No7 Glitterball
Topshop: Parma Violet and No7: Glitterball
Rimmel: Apricot Punch and No7: Glitterball

I'm obsessed with No7's Glitterball and have accompanied it with a few of my favorite nail varnish's to show you a few combinations I've been trying out. I am really, ridiculously self conscious about my hands. I either wear neutral shades in an attempt to conceal how chunky they are or, bright colours in an attempt to distract from their size. I've been awful at blogging recently as I had a crazy final week of uni and lots of long tiring shifts.
I am now back at home for a few days so will try and post more regularly (:


Those who follow me on twitter will know that
I have finally booked a hair appointment!!
MA-JORLY EXCITED doesn't even cover it.
I'm embarrassed to say my last trip to my hairdresser was in September.
Needless to say it reeeeeeeeeeeally needs doing.

I'm not someone who religiously abides by a four/six/eight week rule for getting their roots done and wanted to share my tips and pure adoration for the products that: prolong beautiful blonde locks, remove brassy tones and can highlight natural blonde hair.

I have tried practically every product on the market for blonde hair
discovering an allergy to Pantene in the process.
I was given their Blonde shampoo (300ml) and conditioner (250ml) as a birthday present - in June, I have approximately three uses left; a great investment product.

Blonde Glam - Shampoo:
'Gently cleanses multi-tonal blondes and refines highlights to revive dimension. Helps eliminate brassiness, clarify colour and reinforce strength.'
Requires two washes; the first cleanses and the second lathers and cleans.

Blonde Glam - Conditioner
'Refines highlights to revived dimensions'

Blonde Glam - Colour Enhancer - Perfect Platinum
'Helps neutralise brassiness and warm tones in ultra-pale to light blonde hair and highlights while infusing strands with moisture'
Simply apply (wearing gloves - it contains a mild bleach) to damp hair and leave on for three minutes. Redken recommend using twice weekly.

The only silver shampoo product I use, which my Mum kindly purchased for me is:
Affinage's White Ice: Blonde Bombshell Shampoo.
'Removes unwanted yellow tones from lightened, natural or sun bleached hair. Can also be used to add a hint of silver to grey hair. Contains UV filters'

*this is not the actual photo of my product as the lighting is very poor in my room

I sometimes overuse this product and end up with a slightly white-grey tint to my hair. (I cannot wait to be 60 and have a perfectly white-grey shoulder bob) but I would recommend using once monthly to lighten roots, remove brassy tones and boost shine. I would warn potential users that the colour of the shampoo is quite intimidating. It is a deep blue almost black purple and feels thick and gloopy, however it does exactly what it says on the bottle and is the best product I've encountered for lightening hair.


Worked LDN Fashion Weekend for MYFLASHTRASH
Stephen Fry at The Barbican (:(:
hihihihihi Duncan
Alan Carr at Wembley
Ed at The Forum
Stuffed Flowers at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, Watergate
All I managed for Halloween
My darling Archey, Tyler & I with the Olympic Torch
wanna be back at the beach ):
Sandy Baby
Watergate Bay
Moody Overton
Crantock Regatta


After working at the Motel - Glossybox bloggers event
I was really intrigued by the whole concept of their boxes and the variation of products.
I invest my little amount of money in quality products that are often recommended and am quite regimented when it comes to brand selection and product use.
I hope my subscription will introduce and enlighten me on alternative products on the market.

I was quite late receiving my box and had seen quite a few of the standard issue products on others blogs and was praying that I'd be fortunate enough to get the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer...I was(:
It is UM-AZING! I desperately needed a hair boost and it is marvellous.

The four other products I received within my first glossybox were:
Arbonne Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme
which in comparison to L'Occitane's Shea Butter hand cream is really, very poor. My hands felt dryer and smelt oddly for quite a while after application.
Illamasqua Freak Eau De Parfum
I didn't initial like this fragrance, but the boy did (as he rarely likes anything)- I felt obliged to fully test the fragrance. After being on the skin for a couple of minutes the fragrance is really lovely. With base-notes of Frankincense and Myrrh this is the perfect Chirstmas perfume!
Nail Rock Designer Wraps
I'm saving these until I've finished uni, as it'll feel like an absolute waste if I only see them whilst I'm locked in my room typing my essays.
Sildermm Body Oil
This stretch mark massage oil isn't a product I'd ever purchase. I spent enough of my youth wasting money on similar products which never, ever, ever worked However it isn't too oily and would work effectually as a intensive moisturiser.
I'm highly anticipating the Christmas Glossy Box.


This is the playsuit I chose as my free item for working at the Motel bloggers event. I love the yellow flowers, the cut, the cute buttons and the fit - I've got a long upper body and usually have to get playsuits in one or two larger sizes which subsequently causes them to be rather ill-fitting. However this one, despite being in a 12, fits lovely (:

I wore it for my evening in with the boy,
we ate chip towers and he scoffed all of our cookies and cream Häagen-Dazs.
I'd obviously have worn a jacket, tights, cardigan, socks, boots, gloves and maybe even a hat if I was brave enough to venture outside as it's utterly freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing. It was so so so cold in the early evening that, as a flat, we unanimously decided to turn on the heating - for an entire hour! (which is when I took these photos)

Playsuit: Motel, Lipstick: Topshop Confession,
Rings: Topshop & Vintage, Nail Varnish: Barry M

My boy and our chip tower:


I've been searching for the perfect green dress for a while and finally found it (: yayay!

After trawling through ASOS for weeks and weeks I discovered a green Skater Dress with Lace and Mesh which I immediately ordered. However upon it's arrival I was rather disappointed. The lace and mesh is an entirely different shade of green to the skater section of the dress. I've attempted to demonstrate this oddity below:

I was really disappointed as I had a specific colour in mind.

Thankfully, I stumbled across an alternative green dress on the Topshop concession whilst on my lunch break on Saturday.

which I absolutely love! I wore it out for my friend's birthday that evening:
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