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A small selection of photographs from my instagram over the last week, it's been extremely hectic with LFW - I arranged a lot of backstage coverage and show tickets for my Uni magazine and managed to fit in quite a few more exciting bits too! I was meant to reunited with my beloved pup this eve, but my boyfriend's had to work late so I'm still stuck in London :S It's been far too long since I saw him and I can't wait to get in and wake him up he makes these funny noises when he gets really excited, I pretend its him talking :D He turned four earlier in the month and I couldn't imagine life without him, my younger brother and I pestered my parents for a dog from the moment we knew what one was we weren't allowed for years and instead had a plethora of supplementary pets such as rabbits, gerbils, fish, hamsters and guinea pigs until my little sister asked. She was at little Arch's birth, picked him, single handedly persuaded my parents and I dread to imagine life without him. (I don't quite know why I've blabbed so much about my dog? Sorry!)

I've had a busy day starting and finishing assignments as well as sorting out an outfit for Monday (GA day) and tweeting ASOS (follow me: @sarahrcharrison to see our chat).

I'm going to see Girls Aloud on Monday and have two essay deadlines, the filming for the show I've been assisting on and the final shoot for my Uni magazine so I'll hopefully have lots more photos to share next week :) Have a lovely weekend!

If anyone could recommend a good collage creator or photo editor I'd be super grateful! I'm struggling at the moment as everything I used to religiously use keeps turning into a premium feature *I'm budgeting at the moment*. The one I used for this is awful and even doubled up on one of the photos (I hate things not being perfect but by this point I'd given up).


Lip Pencil: Pro Long Wear Pencil in Kiss Me Quick Lipstick: Amplified Creme Lipstick in Vegas Volt Prep & Prime False Lashes Mascara
This season I remembered and managed to book an appointment at the Mac makeover bar in the press lounge at Somerset House. I've been there for touch ups for the past few season's but never had an official appointment and subsequently missed out on the gift bag. I was only expecting samples within my gift bag so I was super excited when I opened mine to discover four lovely products which I can't wait to use! The Vegas Volt lipstick looks like the shade I've been searching for my entire life, it's just perfection! I was so happy that there was a mascara in the bag too as I'm hating my Maxfactor False Lash Effect one atm and wasn't sure on which one I should replace it with. Did you have a makeover this season? If so, what did you get in your bag?



Top: ZaraTrousers: Paul SmithShoes: ASOS
Today was (as many of you will be aware) the final day of London Fashion Week, I love LFW and have absolutely relished the opportunity to attend for the last three seasons, FROWing with the Editors at my favourite internship, going backstage, interviewing iconic and up and coming designers such as Pam Hogg and PROSE's Miriam Lehle. This has been my final season as Fashion Editor of my university magazine and I've bloody loved it. It was wonderful to enable so many people who contribute to the magazine to attend shows this season, a lot for the first time and reading their reports and looking at their photos has been brilliant. I hope I'll be back in a few season's time when I have a real job. I fell in love and purchased this stunning Zara top almost a month ago, with the sole purpose being to wear it for LFW. The quilted material and jewel embellishment looks and feels so luxe. At just under £40 it's a bit much to spend on a tee but I'm actually considering re-wearing it for my graduation in the summer :) Today I had my MAC makeover, met up with one my first blogging friends Charlene from Strut la mode and went backstage at Ziad Ghanems, observing the application of most INCREDIBLE make-up I've ever seen. The show was utterly incredible: I'm utterly besotted with the yellow ball gown. The music was fabulous and the FROW hilarious. Marc Francis and Victoria of Made in Chelsea fame were rejected from the FROM by a PR shouting across the packed room - how hideous! After a lot of laughs and scoffs from those attending they were allotted one seat which Victoria took, leaving poor Marc to squeeze in between the middle of two chairs: SOOOOOOO not chic!



Dress: Motel
Blazer: Topshop
Bag: Ebay
Boots: ASOS
Necklace: Zara
Hat: H&M
I bumped into the absolutely lovely Sophie from FashionFolie in the queue for PPQ, she introduced me to the equally lovely Annie from TalesofAnnieBean
I also met the utterly beautiful and my fave tv babe Caroline Flack whilst in the PPQ queue.

This season I'm taking a back seat at LFW, I've recently launched a Beauty Blog for my University Magazine (I'm Fashion Editor of the magazine and since I started I've been doing all the make-up for shoots so decided to create something where reviews and tutorials are plentiful) and were kindly given an enormous amount of show invites. I'm so busy with final year work and the Styling job I'm currently on that I've distributed the vast majority of tickets to contributing writers and other editors. I'd definitely be full of regret if it wasn't for the fact that they've taken the most beautiful photographs and written/will be writing excellent coverage of the shows. I went backstage at the Belle Sauvage show which was spectacular, I'm going to do a separate post covering the looks and beauty bits as I need to edit the video I took which is proving difficult as I don't have a Mac. I love London Fashion Week: the collection of phenomenal talent, the street style inspiration (although I'm so over monochrome already - I love it but it's the ONLY thing anyone's wearing and there are only so many stripes and spots a girl can see before she's had enough!), the celeb spotting and the networking. A lot of people I know have preconceived notions of fashion people being horrendously ignorant, pro-ana, devils wearing Prada. Of course not everyone's your kinda person but I love bumping into people I've worked with, for and recognise and am really sad that I probably won't be attending next season.

Have you been to LFW this season? Link me to your daily posts as I love nosing at people's outfits :D



I wore this yellow United Colours of Benetton jumper and a Primark necklace I grabbed in the sale to a fitting yesterday and received a crazy amount of compliments. To say my boyfriend loathes this jumper would be a major understatement, it literally repels him. I picked it up in the menswear section last year and wear it whenever I can guarantee I won't see him haha! I'm quite obsessed with yellow: I blame working at Selfridges for over a year (the yellow bags have made me see yellow in another light). There are two yellow dresses in Zara at the moment which are so beautiful it's been incredibly hard to stop myself purchasing them both, but I know I will cave within the next few weeks/days.

Everything's gone absolutely crazier than I've ever experienced before. I'm assisting a super-stylist at the moment (for which I had to sign my first release form for - so the yellow jumper could be appearing on a screen near you very soon! My boyfriend will be horrified) and am trying to coordinate everything else around that and final year uni work, whilst planning LFW. Eeek! I'm heading back down to London Fashion Week with the Motel girls which I'm SO excited about: so much so that I've already picked my dress :) Are you attending LFW this season?

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L'OREAL PREFERENCE 01 - Lightest Blonde: £6.79 After spending years and years religiously attending and entrusting hairdressers with my hair, much to the detriment of my finances, I've decided to take a break. I've left work to concentrate upon the final few months of my degree and subsequently had to cut back on my already sparing treats, so my much loved trips to the hairdressers have ended (for now). My roots had become so horrific that I enlisted my Mum, sister and boyfriend to dye my hair, I picked up this L'OREAL shade as it looked pretty, and was quite impressed with the results. Although my results initially had almost strawberry blonde tint, after applying my purple shampoo as a toner for fifteen minutes the colour was more white blond than ginger (much to my relief). I'm pretty impressed and really proud of how well three of my favourites did! I started another ridiculously exciting job today so posts may unfortunately stop being so frequent, however I'm really going to try and remain consistent. It's just getting a bit difficult atm with final year, interning, LFW fast approaching, establishing a Beauty Blog for my university (which is going down a storm!) and trying to enjoy my final year. All the good things happen at once! I may not see my lovely family (bar my mother whose visiting at the weekend) till April but it will ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL be worth it in the end :)

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Today my boyfriend and I went to the London Dungeons Car Boot Sale in Pimlico, we'd seen it advertised on Time Out but they'd advertised the information all wrong so by the time we'd arrived at 11 (advertised start time 11.30) all of the London Dungeons items had sold out, as the car boot had actually started at 10. My boyfriend was absolutely gutted as he'd been hoping to find a Halloween costume for next year. There were lots of other stalls which we browsed discovering lots of interesting bits: like typewriters, LV bags, flower presses, YSL Make Up and a 'Devils Chair' but nothing tempted us enough to part with our money.

We decided to then head to Notting Hill to get some lunch, we went to the Electric Diner on Portabello Road which was sooo lovely! We were seated overlooking the kitchen, quite literally in front of the chefs, enabling us to pick up some extremely useful tips on cutting up avocados ha! The Brunch menu was affordable and delicious: we literally saw every dish prepared in front of us which made avoiding the desert menu especially difficult, the lemon meringue pie looks like changing! I had the avocado, chilli and poached egg on toast (pictured above) which was soooo yummy and Tyler had Honey Chicken with Chilli and Sesame Seeds. The service was brilliant and we'll definitely be returning again very soon, I highly recommend visiting there as there's such a cool vibe.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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So it's not exactly a week in photos but its been far too long since I last did this that I thought I'd share as many as I could :) Food has been quite a major feature in my photos as I'm on a healthy kick at the moment and really watching what I eat. My diet mainly involves me wearing jeans and looking at my grotesquely huge thighs before deciding what I'm going to eat haha :D I highly recommend it as it's been very effectual for me. I tried one of my housemate's Cambridge Diet powders (the cookies & cream one) which was vile! I've spent far too much last month, especially in the Selfridges Beauty hall, so I'm going to try and a super saver for the next few months as my boyfriend and I are planning our move to America for next January :D

What have you been up to this week? Link your instagram posts or username's below for me :)

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Dress: Topshop
Collar: LittleMe*
Coat: Vintage

I realised I've not done a proper outfit post in quite a while and thought I'd share this one with you instead of posting aboutsome more beauty bits. I picked this faux fur coat up from a sale in a Shoreditch basement in October and have been utterly besotted with it ever since. I recently assisted on a film which was filmed in the most freezing cold studio you can possibly imagine (it was snowing at the time and it was actually warmer outside) it was so, so bitterly cold and I genuinely don't think I'd have survived my daily duties if it hadn't been for this coat.

I absolutely love that it has 3/4 sleeves, as I have a weird obsession with sleeves being this length and always alter or roll up sleeves as I find this length so much more flattering. This dress is my go to LBD, it's so easy to dress up or down and I thankfully discovered it before last LFW, and I'll definitely be re-wearing it to this month's.

Are you heading to LFW this season? This will be the last one I attend as Fashion Editor of my University magazine which is really sad, I've loved being on the FROW and conducting interviews however I'm certain I'll be back when I have a real job in the future :)

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