If you're a night owl like me this stuff is essential in order to look half alive the next day. All of my best ideas tend to come just as I should be falling asleep so I religiously apply this Anti Dark Circles Complex to counteract and disguise any damage. 

I've always had a complex about baggy eyes and dark circles, when I was 17 I used to have a three hour nap before I went out every weekend to ensure that I never looked too saggy. Now I'm 22 and have reluctantly accepted that I'm never going to be able to fully eradicate my dark circles, caused more by late nights than age. This isn't a new find, I've heard people raving about Dr Nick Lowe (he's an internationally renowned Consultant Dematologist) since I was in 6th form but after having a stressful few days (I took and passed my driving test on Friday) my dark circles and I headed into Boots and hoped for a miracle.

The cream has a light consistency and is very easily absorbed, making it the perfect addition to a make-up bag that's always on the move (like mine) as there's no need to wait to apply make-up. Full of light-reflecting particles it immediately appeared to brighten my dark circles, after my third day of use I even felt confident enough to leave the house without my usual concealer - yay! 

I absolutely recommend this cream to anyone looking for assistance in fading their dark circles away.

Have you tried Dr Nick Lowe's products? Do you have any recommendations?


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  "Happily Ever After Is So Once Upon A Time" 

Every LFW I look forward to Sophia Webster's presentation, her impeccable attention to detail and  inspired kaleidoscopic colour-ways ensure she's always the one to watch. This season's 'Heartbreak Hotel' themed presentation was filled with 90's references and offered a modern fairytale vibe: with models installed in powder-pink bedrooms, spiral staircases and shoe closets. The inspired set
design by David White and styling by Louby McLoughlin perfectly offset the collection, with fun fleece lined styles and grown-up jelly-esque sandals accompanied by quirky statement speech bubble bags. The girly powdered pastel palette and, brand mascot, flamingo motifs made me feel very nostalgic. I've already started saving for a pair...



If you haven't already read it, I implore you to do so. The Book Thief is one of my all time favourite books. Markus Zusak's beautifully written tale stays with you long after you've turned the final page: so much so that my best friend's sister named her baby boy Hans, after the heroic Hans Hubermann. 

My boyfriend surprised me with preview tickets to see the film last night and it was just wonderful: I saw and sobbed; although not as much as when I first read the tale of Liesel. Zusak commented today (via his fb page) that he sees the novel and film as two completely different things, comparing them to brothers. I agree. The subject of the book is very heavy: narrated by Death and following Liesel's journey through WWII and the solace she finds through learning to read, reading and sharing tales with others.

Whilst I loved the film with it's almost Harry Potter-esque style and near perfect casting: Sophie NĂ©lisse and Nico Liersch as Liesel and Rudi are such a beautiful pairing: if you don't cry when they finally kiss I'd be v.suprised. Roger Allam narrating as Death just didn't work for me. As one of the main and most interesting elements of the novel it was something that wasn't capitalised upon anywhere as near as effectually as it could have been by the director. Excluding the prologue and epilogue there was, from my memory, only one interjection of narration during the film. Resulting in the narrative being quite a redundant feature, leaving viewers who've not read the novel, such as my boy, confused as to why Death is so interested in Liesel? 

Although I really loved the film, I'd recommend reading the book first and then seeing it at the cinema. As with every story that's adapted to the screen the element's that are most cherished never seem to transpire as well as you wished. 

It's released in UK cinema's from 24th February, book here.


The Leather Satchel Co, 11" basic neon satchel via asos

I'd been coveting this satchel for soo long when I finally took the plunge and purchased this neon beauty two Septembers ago (I really don't know why I never got round to posting these pictures that I excitedly snapped - bad, bad blogger!) It had been in my asos saved items section for far too long and I did a happy dance around my room when the postman dropped it off.

They were kinda the 'it' bag of two seasons ago now but I still regularly wear mine. The classic cut and style makes them a timeless piece to team with everyday looks. The bright neon yellow shade adds the perfect pop of colour to any outfit. I love emphasising it's bright colour either by wearing it with monochromatic looks or clashing it against bright colours in the summer. The sizing makes the bag more of an off-duty accompaniment: it's the perfect size for your phone, cards, your iPad mini and a lipstick. However if you're looking for something more substantial in size I'd personally recommend the Batchel.

Here's what I've been wearing mine with:

( L) On a night out with: Topshop: dress, boots and necklace and Zara coat; 
( R) On my Ma's hen do with Zara dress 
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