1 All Saints: £275, 2 All Saints: £275, 3 Topshop: £85

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I returned to London today and promptly froze upon my arrival at the train station. My totally adorable boyfriend even left me with his over washed Superdry hoody as I was shivering so much! It was so, so cold I was actually tempted to in my deliriously optimistic 'I have money' when I truly don't mind frame to purchase all three of the above coats and wear them all in order to acquire some warmth.

These are my three absolute favourite coats this winter so far. Each have huge pro's and huge con's.

Coat 1, is the All Saints Tula Coat, it's what I gaze at whilst at work and dream of eventually owning. It's made from an Italian double face cloth and exploits both sides of the same fabric to its most dangerous 'throw your money at me' advantage. It's a slim-fitting 'crombie coat' which features a mixture of classic puppy tooth on the main body and Prince of Wales check on the sleeves: with contrasting leather pocket and collar detailing this coat will undoubtedly be responsible for another overdraft...

Coat 2, is also from All Saints and is the Aleggro Coat. It's the coat I was besotted with before the arrival of Tula. It is also a crombie coat: facilitating great versatility in wear. Made from Italian wool with an external dart detailing its the edgier of the two.

Coat 3, is Topshop's Collarless Knit Swing Coat. Made from 80% wool it's a snug coat with gorgeous contrast raglin sleeves its inevitably going to be seen on at least two girls per tube carriage this winter, or next week if the weather deteriorates further. As with all Topshop garments the popularity and questionable quality really sway me away from this one and to spending slightly more (or less - if you're lucky enough to spot a bargain).

The other two I loved are both from ZARA, but as with Topshop it's just too mainstream and I've already seen several girls wearing them. (This ONE and this ONE).

Have you spotted any gorgeous coats about? What do you think to these? Are any of them worth the investment? I'm desperate to acquire a new one before LFW as the weather is so unpredictable.


Dress: ASOS
Shoes: ASOS
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I went ASOS overboard this weekend and ordered an entirely new outfit as I'm super bored of all my clothes and wanted a new kind of look, although it's still 'very Sarah' as my friends would and did say. I totally forgot to take off my black watch :S huge faux pas as it does look ridiculous with an entirely white outfit - woops!

I seem to have neglected my OOTN posts for the last three weeks so I may post them from tomorrow as it's a shame not to include them (especially as I wore a gorgeous Coco Deville top on one of the nights). How was your bank holiday weekend? It was pretty eventful in my hometown. My boyfriend's friend had come down and ended up putting out one of the two fires we discovered on our walk home with his wee - majorly heroic - the firemen were most impressed when they arrived. Some girl had an utterly mortifying accident which became quickly became the talk of the town. Lot's of drama! I hope next weekend is significantly less dramatic.

What did you guys get up to? I hope you had a peaceful bank holiday. I'm super excited to actually have 90 followers!!!!! I better start planning my 100 follower giveaway as a lovely thank you to you guys :D Also, please do check out my GAGA post from earlier today!


I have a quite unusual post for you all today: a sort of ticketing blog sale. My boyfriend purchased two sets of two tickets to Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball at Twickenham Stadium on Sunday 9th September. He purchased one set for us to go, and then a second set when better seats became available. We're no longer able to go due to work commitments and would love to sell them to someone who'd love to go: the gig starts at 19.30 and will undoubtedly be both inspiring and very entertaining. Both sets are in reserved seating locations.

Set one are located in L22 row 37. The value of these two tickets is £180.

Set two are located in L17 row 20. The value of these two tickets is £160.

Both sets are in great locations, which can be seen in the seating chart below :)

If you're interested in these tickets please email me: with Lady GAGA as the headline.

P.S a OOTN post for my bank holiday outing will be up later on :)


Dress: M&S
Slip: ASOS
Shoes: Primark
Belt: ASOS
Bag: Gift

A week today was my final day on my utterly AMAZINGGG internship. I'm sorry for the seven day delay but I went home that friday evening and was so busy seeing my family and friends I didn't really remember to blog until I returned to London. Please ignore the fact that the Hoff photo is cropped - my intern friend was in it too and she doesn't love the photo. I had so, so much fun on my internship- as those of you who have been reading these OOTD posts will know :) The absolutely lovely fashion team kindly gave me a really beautiful bouquet of flowers and invited me to come back whenever I fancied :D I've been offered a seriously exciting opportunity following this placement - which was so exciting I did my little happy dance and over smiled for ages :D

My Mum kindly gave me this dress: she'd picked it up in the M&S sale quite a while back (whilst I was at Uni) and it'd been neglected in the back of her wardrobe and only rediscovered when my sister and I helped her have a huge clear out! It's a size 16 and she's a tiny 12. I really love it and when it's cinched in with a belt (I accidentally packed the wrong one - my plaited leather brown belt looks considerably nicer) its a dream! What do you think?

I wore it with the bag one of my lovely friends from home brought me for my birthday! It's the perfect size and with its multiple straps you've got the option to wear it either over your shoulder or in the crook of your arm: lovely and versatile.

So excited to be going back home this weekend it's my lovely friend Carly's birthday bbq - she was the babe who brought me the bag featured in this post! What have you guys got planned for your weekend?


Dress: Primark
Shoes: Topshop

Yesterday (Wednesday)I bumped into one of the fashion presenters who films in the studio I'm working in wearing this dress. I was instantly besotted with it and mentioned to her how lovely it was - she said she stumbled across it in Primark (yes - seriously!) that morning. It looks so much more luxurious than Primark (one of the best things about Primark - if you can be bothered with the swarms of people buying cheap crap - I was stuck behind a lady who filled two very large suitcases with stuff that a blind man would refuse to wear! Anyway as soon as I'd finished that day I dashed to Primark in Stratford Westfield to grab this beautiful bargain for £10.

The beautiful presenter is very slender and showed me the tag on hers (which was a 14) so I (a usual 8-10 in Primark bits) purchased the same size as I'd be very content if I looked half as good as she did in hers as it hung in a A-Line Twiggy-esque manner. I'm only mentioning the sizing as a reference as the changing room queues are so unbearable I never actually try anything on in store and always go by what I know people of a similar size to me wear (thought it may be helpful if you, like me, never try your items on :D)

What do you think to the dress? Have you purchased anything from Primark recently that you were especially impressed with? Please do link me to any outfit posts featuring it :) I received a lot of compliments (from those who'd not seen the other presenter wearing it (ha!) everyone was astounded when I said it was from Primark. Today was my penultimate day :( I'm SO, so desperately sad to be leaving tomorrow and cannot wait to return.


Dress (worn as top): Primarak
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: ASOS

*for some reason this post failed to upload - possibly due to my horrendous internet connection: my boyfriend is utterly dismayed that I currently receive 2mb or something whereas the average UK home gets 10 and he gets 60 (show off). It is diabolical and beyond frustrating. I've also only just got home from work (after my internship) so both of these posts as it's past midnight will come up with Friday's date instead of yesterday's (Wednesday) and today's (Thursday) so please bear with me.

This is basically my OOTN #1 my outfits have been significantly less exciting than I'd planned as I wasn't expecting to start back at my old job last weekend (I'd only gone into collect my old wage slips). I was therefore unable to go home and grab more bits as I'd only had limited space when I moved bits into my new home.

I had a pretty busy day (on wednesday) prepping for the shoot on Thursday. The Fashion Producer's asked me to go back in next week - YAYAYAAYAY - to assist on some shoots which has made my friday departure so much more bearable. This has been without doubt my favourite internship and without her invitation back I'd have definitely ended up crying when I got home on friday eve :( Everyone there is just so lovely - I've had the best time :)


Top: Topshop
Trousers: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

I didn't really realise until I sat down to write this that every part of my outfit has a pointless story behind it. These are the trousers I purchased back in June with the intention of wearing them on my 21st birthday in Paris. However there was sadly a heatwave and I was forced to wear something else - it was so lovely to have some sun as I've not really been on holiday this year but soo infuriating as I spent like £15 on postage as they were only available online and I accidentally ordered petite the first time which were tiny in my size and then when I reordered them in the regular fit and a bigger size (super scared by the first incident) they were too big so I had to reorder. Ugh. Long an epic to say the least so I was most disappointed to wear them. However as I'm super poor atm (It's getting extreme and I've resulted to signing up to quite a few medical trials...) I am trying to get the full wear out of them as they are lovely. I keep seeing the matching blazer about in London but I'm not a fan of it.

Today was super duper hectic. So, so many returns (the joy's of a fashion intern...) it's so bloody lovely though I'm really sad to be leaving on Friday. It's the last internship I've organised for this year - I went a bit intern mad last year at uni and just scraped at 2:1 whilst working a tonne of hours at work and interning. It's my final year so I'm fully immersing myself in my degree and the extra bit's I'm involved in at uni and avoiding distractions such as internships as 12 in one academic year, although immensely fun and invaluable, was a bit excessive.

Have you guys got any placements lined up? My lovely flat mate Luce popped down for a bit today :D:D:D which was so lovely we ate our body weight in carbs, with Dominoes two-for-tuesday it'd be rude not too!) and watched some tv - it feels so strange not to be watching the Olympics :( I've tried a bit of a new format with today's OOTD so let me know what you think, it's for no particular reason, I just hated every other photo my friend took and played about with it.


Skirt: Marni at H&M
Shoes: Toshop

I'm in a complete rut at the moment with my clothes - I'm totally bored of my entire wardrobe and desperately want a huge overhaul of everything as my stuff is just so bland. More bits will inevitably appear on ebay once I return home. I think it may be due to being back in London where everyone is so innovative and creative and working with some super stylish ladies but meeh my wardrobe is such a complete snore. I need a new direction asapp - and overhaul of this blog. Too much to do.

This is what I wore for day five of my internship - so sad I've only got a few more days to go! It's literally one of the nicest places I've ever worked at. Everyone is so so friendly and there's such a lovely team ethos. We've got a busy day tomorrow so I'm off to sleep - I stayed up super late after my first 9 hour shift at work yesterday to watch the closing ceremony! What did you guys think to it? Emili Sande (cba to even spell her name right) was EVERYWHERE - yet a-bloody-gain, I simply cannot comprehend WHY she monopolised both ceremonies as there are thousands of super talented musicians who really deserved this platform.

I met some fab people today - do check them out on instagram (I'm @sarahrosegoes) Hope you're not all feeling too deflated - I am :( The Olympics has left the biggest void in my life - I CANNOT wait to get home and watch all the bits I missed with my Mum (literally the biggest Olympics fan girl). I've got tickets to the Paralympic athletics which I'm so SO excited about :D Have any of you?

OOTD: Fashion Internship #Day 4 feat. Rufus Hound and Spencer Matthews

Today I met the especially lovely comedian and film star Rufus Hound and awfully endearing Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea/The Bachelor - which was super exciting!

I didn't manage to take any photos of my outfit but I wore I'm afraid but you can kind of see it in these pictures (Top: Zara, Jersey: Zara, Skirt: Topshop (sale) and my lovely white Vans) and I thought featuring someone else with me would be a lovely change and fab as I get so, so embarrassed, nervous and self conscious when anyone takes my photo - I have no clue why I elected to do so when I created this blog tbh!

Ive had an utter nightmare with the Internet in my house tonight do I apologise for the delay - I've actually resorted to posting this on my iPhone as the Internet is just so infuriating!!

I'm meant to be getting an early night - off to the Olympics crazy early tomorrow!! Hope you guys have a lovely weekend and make sure you check out tomorrow's post on what I thought, who I saw and how it was :)

*I uploaded this on my phone last night and don't quite know what went wrong :( - sorry!*


Jeans: Topshop
Necklace: Matalan (sale)
Ring: ASOS
Boots: ASOS

This is what I wore almost a week ago now - as I said previously I think it was too plain Jane and dull but I thought I'd share regardless - this Saturday's OOTD will be especially exciting as I'm actually going to the Olympic Football Final - ahhh! I'm not really a football girl but I'm super excited as it's one of? maybe the final Olympic event before the closing ceremony! - don't quote me as I'm not 100%!! I have been enthralled by the Olympics and am so immensely proud of Team GB who are just excelling all expectations! Have you been to any events?

I'm skipping my OOTD: FASHION INTERNSHIP DAY 3 post today as I wore THIS as I hardly slept (bloody long story but some girl decided to bang my bloody front door down at half twelve - needless to say I wasn't remotely impressed) and it's a fail safe option.

It's been so, so hot in London today. I spent the entire morning in Central London shopping for specific accessories for the stylists for the shoot I assisted on today. It's absolutely amazing that my opinion and choices are being considered, I'm evidently not styling the shoot, but picking four things with one actually being used is really rewarding.

My lovely intern friend is leaving me tomorrow :( Those of you who have interned will know it's super, super rare to encounter a fellow intern who is just simply lovely ♥ We're going to take a tonne of photos tomorrow so do make sure you follow me on instagram (@sarahrosegoes) to check them out :D


Dress: Primark (old see here)
Tights: Primark (thick kids tights - amazzzeee)
Shoes: ASOS

I implore you to ignore my simply shoddy OOTD post - the photographs are just awful especially the second which has to probably be the worst OOTD photo ever I was in a bit of a rush this morning as I couldn't decide upon what to wear as the weather forecast was (as usual) very hit and miss. I only realised on my lunch break and quickly snapped these :S I can slightly compensate for these awful photos as I have already featured this dress on my blog a while ago (see HERE) so you can check the dress out in full there if you wish to :)

Today was really fun. We've got an exciting shoot tomorrow so I'll be running a few errands in Central London tomorrow before heading back to the studio to assist :) It's such a lovely place to intern at as you're able to really assist and aren't allocated tedious jobs. I've been asked back again which I'm already really looking forward to.

One of my friends from home text me today re. a party he's throwing in exactly a month's time which he's considering hiring a hot tub for, extravagant but terribly exciting! It's given me quite a deadline to tone up my grotesque legs, stomach and arms - as I write this I'm attempting to work out how many sit ups, press ups and lunges I can manage... Are any of you on a fitness/diet campaign and have any tips or posts you'd like to share? I definitely need all the help I can get as at present I'm the laziest lump and regardless of this potential hot tub situation I do need to get myself to a gym/salad bar.


Top: Next
Blazer: H&M
Trousers: Monsoon
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Ebay

This is what I wore for the first day of my intership within the fashion department of a very popular television show. Please excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken on my iPhone really quickly before I left my house this morning. I had such an exciting day meeting and spotting a tonne of exciting celebrities. I'm so looking forward to the things I'm assisting on this and next week :)

I haven't posted my OOTN for the saturday just gone yet as after seeing photos from it I'm not really impressed with what I elected to wear. It was a pretty plain Jane (jeans and a top) outfit and mehhhh...I'll post it tomorrow just to continue with the posting but ughhh it wasn't inspiring. I've kinda been in this mehh thing for the last few days and I don't really know what I'm doing with a lot of stuff. I've really enjoyed being at home for the last month and am not really enjoying London at the moment - although I only moved back to London on Sunday and none of my flat mates/friends are about at the moment :S so it's super lonely - especially after being surrounded by my family and dog 24/7 since June. I ended up staying up till 3am watching Clueless the other night as I just hated how silent it was.

Sorry for the :S post. Tomorrow will be really exciting so I hope I'll just get more adjusted to London life. I've been offered my old job back which will mean that I'll be even more London focussed which will be a good thing as before I moved home I was a total Londoner. Hope you're having a nice week :):)


Dress: Crew
Jacket: Topshop
Bag: Ebay
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: ASOS

I'm so gutted that I didn't manage to post this before midnight last night, I've totally ruined my very consistent blogging run. My friend Hol is totally to blame. She phoned me yesterday eve and a couple of hours later we were drinking the most horrendous Mojitos and doing when I arrived home I thought it'd be best to write and post this today as my judgement wasn't 100%. Although this means that there will be two posts today - which will slightly compensate :D

I'm afraid my OOTD's have basically been the same kind of thing this week: floral dress/leather jacket and the ASOS boots I'm obsessed with: I'm sorry if it's a bit boring. I can assure you that my OOTN Saturday Night post will be significantly more exciting :)

This wasn't what I wanted to wear but I couldn't find the slip for the dress I wanted to wear (once I have found it I'll post about it as it's bloody beautiful). My boyfriend brought me this dress when we were in Padstow two summers ago. I've been having a real rummage through my wardrobe and ebaying some more bits (SEE HERE) and re-discovered this :) It's such a cute and timeless tea dress I'm very glad I've rediscovered it - albeit be it when the sun disappears...

I'm having a few friends over tonight to play beer pong before I move back to London for a few weeks and immerse myself in interning - genuine yay!! :) One of my friend's is coming to stay with me so hopefully I'll be able to continue with regular blogging (my tripod's afwul). What have you got planned?


Shu Uemura 24 Gold Plated Eyelash Curlers: Ebay

After a horrific eyelash curling incident in year 9 (the silicon pad had slipped away without me realising and I ended up cutting my eyelashes off :( ) I'd sworn to never, ever use eyelash curlers again. This oath lasted six years where I'd simply use my fingers to push my lashes up to create a curl: DIY curling can only last so long. After seeing the phenomenal results of these curlers on various beauty vloggers youtube channels I felt compelled to try the highly acclaimed Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. Retailing at around £20 they're definitely an investment beauty product, but completely worth it. I purchased mine from ebay (I'm afraid I can't find the seller I purchased mine from but these look very similar) as they'd sold out on both the official site and various department stores. I personally felt that if I was investing so much into a product I'd want the limited edition version rather than the standard pair; especially as they both retailed at the same price.

These eyelash curlers are iconic with ultimate precision enabling them to provide the perfect curl. The silicone pads are in a 'mushroom' shape which provides a protective 'stay put' edge for improved safety (essentially for someone as clumsy as myself) and optimum curling.

I cannot recommend them more, or imagine life without mine they've now replaced lipstick as my desert island beauty product. Have you tried Shu Uemura eyelash curlers? Or any of their other products? I'm obsessed with this lipstick and their facial oils and will reward myself with a huge bottle once I've managed to remove myself from my overdrafts...:)


Top: All Saints*
Jacket: Topshop (old)
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Accessorize
Necklace: Primark (sale)
Shoes: ASOS

Sorry today's post is so late and the photos aren't of equal size - I hate rushing things but I was determined to get this post uploaded before midnight and I'd been distracted with attempting to acquire re-issued Olympic tickets. If you have tried to do get any you'll empathise with how much of a complete and utter bloody nightmare it is. We've had three laptops focussed solely on this task and pathetically failed: I'm truly at the verge of pulling my hair out.

I wore this outfit out for dinner this evening with my old friend. We went to one of the most popular restaurants in my hometown, we ended up getting very tipsy on mojitos whilst waiting an extra hour for a table but it was totally worth it as it was so delish. This is my L.C top. She is one of my ultimate style icons I literally cannot wait to embrace the whole LA style when I finally get out there. I aspire to live in LA for at least a year and during my first year at Uni I made some life long American friends who are desperate to show me around their various states - so, so exciting!

I've acquired a few more followers this week which is lovely, its rewarding to see people interested in what I write about and photograph :) I'll do a giveaway when I eventually get to a hundred as that is my blogging milestone atm. Hope you're all having a lovely week :)
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