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T-shirt: All Saints*
Lipstick: Dolce and Gabbana - Monica 80

I'm afraid my post today is pretty half hearted. Since returning from University and London life I've had recurring fat days and quite honesty couldn't deal with uploading a photo of my lower body which I'm currently repulsed by. Whilst I know I'm not morbidly obese or anything severely health concerning I'm just feeling significantly heavier than usual. I've therefore elected to post an OOTD without actually showing much. HA!

I went slightly mad in the Toppers sale the other day after my hair appointment so I am determined to show the bits I brought this weekend regardless of my insecurities. Bit of a rant but meh it's Friday and my boy's gone off to London to work at Radio 1's Big Weekend so I'm hopelessly bored. I quite spontaneously purchased an iPhone 4 on ebay today so when it and my sim card finally arrive I will have a phone so my tweeting and bits on other social media things will improve significantly. I have to say not having a phone for a few weeks is really quite liberating. My friend Jessy has already pursuaded me to join instagram and recommended the Hello Kitty Salon. Do you have any iPhone recommendations? I'm pathetically excited to jump on the iPhone hype and renounce my previous BB connections.

Also, if you haven't already, check out Coco Deville I've seen Katy's bits on my lovely blogging friend Charlene's blog and didn't realise she was my hairdresser &best friend's boyfriend's sister - super small world. She stocks some lovely brands and this Monsieur Steve tee is one of my favourites :)


Blazer: Misguided
Top: River Island
Skirt: Topshop
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Vans
Rings: Accessorize
Watch and bracelet: gifts

I'm very rooty in these photos but I'm booked in to see my lovely hairdresser this week so hopefully you guys will be impressed with the change in a few days :)
It feels so weird to be blogging again, A LOT has happened since I took a little break: I have finished my second year at University, finished my job at Selfridges, moved home until August and have finished all of my interning (for the moment) and after a very successful interview with an absolutely lovely panel I've been selected as the Fashion Editor of my University Magazine - CUB -(ahhhhhh!!) So there will be lots of exciting things to show you all and get you involved in :D I've also made a considerable amount of purchases since I was last properly blogging so there's quite a few bits to review and share with you :)
I've only been home for two days and I'm already absolutely LOVING it. I had been interning all day and then working till 10/11 everyday for two months so it's so, so nice to have a break and have a long over due catch up with family and friends. My boyfriend took these photos today when we went to visit my Grandparents and took my moody dog for a walk around the local park - he's an utter babe (my boy, not the dog) and is kindly taking me to Paris on the 26th for four days so we can celebrate my 21st :D I am so beyond excited. Have you been? If so where would you recommend me visiting that isn't touristy?
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