Happy Friday guys! I'm SO looking forward to this weekend, I'm back down in London assisting on a tv show which will be a ball. I've been smiling ever since I got the email and will be wearing La Favourite all weekend as it's my all time favourite shade. I usually shy away from matte lipsticks as I much prefer a lustre or something more moisturising as I find matte lipsticks extremely drying but the Allure Velvet is described as 'as moisturising as a satiny lipstick' and I have to agree. It combines the colour intensity of a matte lipstick without the annoyance of it flaking away: the lipstick dream. As a gorgeous deep yet luminous coraly-pink shade which easily transitions from day to evening make up: I love wearing it with minimal make-up (especially in summer with a dewy foundation and a tonne of bronzer) as well as with a feline eyeliner flick and lashings of mascara.

What's your favourite lipstick and what make up do you pair it with?


Dress: Motel Rocks
Necklace: Topshop
Bracelets: Stella & Dot and Topshop
Tights: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: Topshop

Today's been a bit of a manic day, I commence a placement tomorrow till mid October and I'm assisting on a tv show at the weekend so I've been crazily finishing off odd jobs and sending ebayed pieces off. I thought I'd share what I wore to my brother's friend's memorial auction on Saturday with yaaa, it was a very bittersweet but brilliant evening which lead to me getting very bid happy. Despite not having either a car or driving license, I ended up winning a private licence plate. Oops!

I uploaded my first ever YouTube video yesterday - eeek! Check out my channel here :)


I was given the incredible opportunity to assist at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show this season and headed back down to London on Sunday to assist the wonderful team. As you can imagine I was absurdly excited, so much so that I actually vlogged my day: yes, it took the wonder of Westwood to get me onto YouTube .

I feel very obliged to stress that the video isn't the best thing ever, my iPhone is on it's death bed which is pretty evident from the poor quality and changing camera orientation, it's my first ever one so please bear with me :)

I had the absolute best time assisting front of house for the show and was fortunate enough to watch the show, which was definitely one of the most incredible things I will ever, ever see. The theatricality (and ethical message) of Vivienne Westwood is something that must be shared - I hope you enjoy it!



This season I'm spending as much time as possible behind the scenes at LFW as it's just the most exciting and creative environment.

 I was given the opportunity to work backstage at AHNDE's first LFW show at The Institute of Contemporary Art and I had a ball. To me there's nothing more inspiring than being a part of a team that gets to witness a collection come to life, it's a really exciting collaborative process. AHNDE's talented and very lovely designer Tanya Steven welcomed backstage photography throughout the day and evening (something you're normally too busy to even consider when when working backstage) I managed to snap a few photos and thought I'd share the exciting behind the scenes process for LFW with y'all, please excuse the poor quality their all from my old iphone.

 The showspace
 Pre show touch ups



I am utterly useless at painting my nails (despite my best efforts I always end up with more varnish around my nail than actually on it). I need all the help I can get, and Butter London is seriously helping out. Their long-lasting Nail Foundation is a flawless base coat that remove any ridges and lumps or bumps, ensuring that a perfect base is laid down for whatever level of nail art you can conjure up. It is my holy grail nail product and has greatly assisted me in actually painting my nails rather than my hands.

The Nail Foundation is such a lovely natural ‘your nails but better’ colour that a natural nude shade is easily created just by applying two coats. As a totally ethical brand: Butter varnishes are all cruelty and ‘toxic-laquer’ free, making the foundation a totally guilt free purchase. It’s also recommended for men, who are after an invisible manicure – which I mentioned to my confused looking boyfriend who was definitely not up for an invisible mani-pedi.

Have you used Butter London varnishes before? Would you recommend any specific shades?


As I lit the family log burner yesterday evening I reluctantly accepted that summer is officially over - sob! I've been trying to ignore the arrival of cooler days for weeks, even reluctantly wearing a wooly hat and jumper on Crantock Beach the week before last, I'm currently cocooned up in my duvet as I type. Therefore in an attempt to momentarily forget the chilly weather I thought I'd share with you three of my staple haircare products that have kept my hair sleek and nourished throughout summer '13.

This summer I've been all about affordable haircare and after becoming besotted with the Aussie range (late to the party I know) I don't see it changing anytime soon. This heat protecting leave-in spray has really won me over. It's spritz applicator enables you to specifically target problem areas (i.e. the ends). I also love that it's pretty much scentless as I don't care for my hair to be overly perfumed except in the case of all SHOW products, then I really can't get enough of it.

I'm never without a hair oil and although this John Frieda one isn't my favourite ever it's pretty damn good. It's so light and easy to smooth through the ends of damp hair, keeping any unruly hair types feeling manageable and nourished. I'd definitely recommend this if you're having troubles with soothing treatments for fine to dull hair as it's marv.

As more of an investment haircare product, the Mending Complex is worth every penny. After picking my first bottle up in a beauty sale at the start of the year I'm now on my second bottle as I don't think I could truly trust another product to deliver such intense conditioning and repair. The lotion seals cuticles for sustained repair and long lasting protection - perfect for when you've spent too long in the sun or sea and need to give your hair some love. For best results I recommend lightly coating damp hair  and then drying.

What have you been using this summer to keep your hair in tip-top condition?


Thought I'd continue with the book theme from yesterday as I've had a horribly mehh day: I feel really lethargic and just totally exhausted. These five lovely books have really brightened my day and motivated me through my mehhhhh-ness - yay!

I've been exploring entrepreneurial ideas over the last few months and my bff and old housemate kindly brought me the latter two as a leaving gift when we moved out of our shared house this summer to assist me in advance them further. Both are simply fantastic: The Start Up Kit is really accessible providing "everything you need to start a small business" and genuinely useful links and support with £500+ offers for websites and support. Whilst Coming Up Roses is the story of Cath Kidston's business documenting her start up, the early years and how to get started. They're both truly inspiring and have greatly assisted my own plans.

There's no real need to say anything on Blog Inc as everyone I know whose got a blog has already read it. It's useful but nowhere near as helpful as I expected it to be.

The other two are super cute. I picked up the Lovely Things... book in the Boots sale when I first moved to London, as it seemed very apt, and devoured it. I'm a very creative person and have almost made everything in the book :) Jam packed with top tips for DIY projects that are seasonally categorised it's definitely a must for every DIY loving fashion girl. The Everything's Going to be Okay is just the cutest thing, possibly ever. So much so that I even picked up the card set in the UO sale. It's full of inspirational, lovey-dovey and clever illustrations as well as photography, a few of my fave's are below:

I'm a Literature graduate, so of course adore books of almost every topic and style (especially the super cute ones) 
do you have any business, blogging or adorable book recommendations? 



Alexa Chung, IT, £16.99

I was kindly gifted this copy when I was leaving one of my placements and was really excited to read it. It's a very slight novel that's been compared to "some stoned fashion student's end of year mood board" and it's pretty much that: albeit with an endearing element only an 'it' girl, whose got a best selling Mulberry bag named after her, could instil. 

Lots of doodles, photobooth photos, odd advice (my favourite was to ensure you look in a mirror when you're getting dressed - which has totally clarified where I've been going wrong ha). Her satirical tone is broken by bits of Alexa that we all came to love back in the day on T4, with brilliant lines including: "every time you post a picture of yourself on Instagram looking fake happy a fairy dies".

With cute anecdotes covering heart-break, how she met her best friend and something else (this is one of the crucial issues with 'it' is that it's very forgettable). Alexa provides insights (the PFW one's my fave) which are genuinely sweet however the excessive "fuck you's" undermine it, leaving something that's not really a memoir, or a coffee table book but almost a wasted opportunity.

Have you brought or read 'it'? If so what did you think?

*all images and text written by Alexa Chung for Penguin


OLA, I've been pretty MIA over the last six months. A LOT has happened, I completed the hellish task of my dissertation, turned 22, successfully graduated and completed a tonne of placements and acquired a pet duck (which y'all already know if you follow me on instagram I'm @sarahrosegoes).

Check 'em out...they're such cuties.
My duck Chris (named after my Nanny)
l-r Chad, Chris & Cicilly
Chris & Dave

N'awwh such funny little creatures, my boyfriend thinks Ella looks like a Pokemon character lolz. 
I'm going to be regularly blogging from now and maybe venturing into YouTube. I've got lots of ideas that I'm excited to experiment with and see materialise.
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