Alexa Chung, IT, £16.99

I was kindly gifted this copy when I was leaving one of my placements and was really excited to read it. It's a very slight novel that's been compared to "some stoned fashion student's end of year mood board" and it's pretty much that: albeit with an endearing element only an 'it' girl, whose got a best selling Mulberry bag named after her, could instil. 

Lots of doodles, photobooth photos, odd advice (my favourite was to ensure you look in a mirror when you're getting dressed - which has totally clarified where I've been going wrong ha). Her satirical tone is broken by bits of Alexa that we all came to love back in the day on T4, with brilliant lines including: "every time you post a picture of yourself on Instagram looking fake happy a fairy dies".

With cute anecdotes covering heart-break, how she met her best friend and something else (this is one of the crucial issues with 'it' is that it's very forgettable). Alexa provides insights (the PFW one's my fave) which are genuinely sweet however the excessive "fuck you's" undermine it, leaving something that's not really a memoir, or a coffee table book but almost a wasted opportunity.

Have you brought or read 'it'? If so what did you think?

*all images and text written by Alexa Chung for Penguin


  1. I adore Alexa Chung so I think I'll probably like this regardless. I had a flick through the other day and it looked very aesthetically pleasing x

    1. It's very aesthetically pleasing, just a bit lacklustre. I really admire Alexa I just can't see there being another one to follow.

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