I'm really so disapointed with the quality of my Glossybox. I love the products its just that the one I've received is missing its information sheet and the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner's actually broken. I've contacted Glossybox so hopefully they'll be able to resolve this issue.

Davines Moisturing Balm, Davines Cleansing Nectar, Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner, Fab Gentle Body Wash, Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer

I'm absolutely LOVING the Davines Cleansing Nectar. I'd been debating purchasing an oil to use in my hair for a while, as I'm never content with its condition, and this has seemingly arrived at the perfect time. Although unlike most oils this is intended to be washed out after use, it also has quite a strong smell, it's not horrible - I can't quite put my finger on it - just very potent. Their Moisturising Balms is really lovely too, a rich but not too thick multi use moisturiser - so welcome in these freezing temperatures! I'm looking forward to using the Murad Hybrids Primer in the summer as its a really glossy primer, it's just far too dark for my complection at present.
Do you subscribe to Glossybox? If so what did you think of yours this month?


Those of you who follow me on twitter will be aware that I went on a rather drunken late night online shopping spree, utilising my NUS card and taking complete advantage of Topshop's 20% students discount offer. I'd totally forgotten about this order until I received an email last week saying my order had been dispatched. This is what arrived:

Limited Edition Zebra Print Slant Tweezers By Tweezerman
Lipstick Pencil in Coral Blush
'S' initial ring
Studded Vectra Slippers in Black and Nude

The ring will most certainly be returned as its not remotely my style and is far too G. I'd been deliberating over the Studded Vectra Slippers for a while as I'd been hopelessly lusting over the Louboutin Studded Pumps and thought Topshop's version would be a great alternative - although I still think they're really quite overpriced I'm actually thankful my drunken self decided to order them as I cannot envisage my summer without the nude pair. I most recently purchased a gorgeous pastel tweed dress for my summer internships and the nude slippers will look UM-AZING with it. Overall I'm surprisingly impressed with my drunken taste.


I wasn't aware of this wonderful award until my lovely friend Nat selected me as one of her favourites, and became even more excited when Scarlett notified me that I was was one of hers too! I'm really touched as I've only been blogging since November so it's such an honour to be regarded as anyone's 'favourite' or 'beloved' (the loose translation of Liebster) blog. The whole concept of this award is brilliant, promoting smaller blogs that you don't often stumble across.

The idea is that you comment on the blog of the person who awarded you by thanking them and also linking their blog, then select five of your favourite bloggers who have less than 200 followers and then notify them by commenting on their blog!

My favourites are:

.Just a Thought
.It's all so Scarlett
.Under the [Fashion] Influence
.The Tuesday Girl
.PolkaDot Lighthouse (UK)

Sorry for the delay in posting, I've been really busy with work and tidying up my room/flat for my mother's visit this weekend - it's my first weekend off since September so I'm really excited to spend some time with her and have a break from uni and work. I've got some great posts planned for next week so look out for those! Have a lovely weekend whatever you guys get up to - hopefully I'll see some of you at ZOMG on monday, I'm really looking forward to it but have absolutely NO idea what to wear!


Dress: Primark
Ring: llymlrs jwlry
Lipstick: MAC Rubywoo
Nails: Jack Wills

This is the first dress I've brought from Primark in years. I used to have tonnes of stuff from there but the quality of it was really poor. I instead purchased investment pieces or sale items and had not ventured into Primark since. However, I always see amazing bits in the blogosphere that are from Primark and decided to take a trip to my local Westfield and see if anything caught my eye. This dress absolutely did, it's wonderful. The cut is really complementary and easy to dress up or down. I was really pleasantly surprised and will definitely be re-visiting Primark after payday!

What do you think to the dress? Have you brought anything lovely from Primark recently?


Dress: Motel
Leggins: American Apparel
Shoes: All Saints

Part of my role as a Student Ambassador for Motel is to complete various tasks set each month. For January one of the options was to write about your favourite vintage motel garment. I have two. The above is the oldest, it was given to me by my friend Jess who was having a clear out about four years ago. I remember being absolutely elated when she gave me it as I'd always loved it. I have no idea what the dress is called or how much it originally was and come to think of it I've never, ever seen anyone else wearing it. It's faded to that off black greenish colour from too many washes and has a button missing which makes me love it so much more. I remember practically living in it when I was sixteen/seventeen as I was really into capped sleeves (LOL) and the 'waist sash' is really flattering. It's rather odd revisiting this tea dress as I'm now an ambassador for the brand.

What's your most nostalgic garment?
How UM-AZING are these shoes? One of my colleagues kindly gave me them for a project my little sister was doing at school however she's finished with them now so I get to strut about (bewildering my Dad) in them (:


The boy and I made the absolute most of my first Sunday off since September and took a trip to The Old Spitalfield's Market, this is what I wore:
Jumper: ZARA (old)
Jeans: ASOS
T-shirt: H&M

And what we saw :) I'm sorry there's a ton of photos I CANNOT work out how to get them to be all lovely and in two rows like milkteef. If anyone could enlighten me I'd be so grateful! I've actually spent all evening googling and youtubing to absolutely NO avail ): and am now too sleepy to care.


Okay something happened this evening, after falling in complete love with the Large Mulberry Evelina Satchel last week, and all over again on my lunch today I had to share its beauty with my flatmate and besty when I returned home this evening. (Its so refreshing to have a realistic perspective once you've been surrounded by high end brands. I sometimes forget that my actual bank balance is considerably less than I'd like it to be and I'm very thankful for Luce and my boyfriend for reminding me that at present splashing out on a £900 bag isn't remotely realistic - I'd be homeless and starving.) However we stumbled across the ostrich version of the Evelina accidentally....oh gosh it's awful. We were initially confused by the ostrich element of the name. I said maybe it's actually real ostrich skin, she laughed at me, we googled and yes to both of our disgust it is actual ostrich. Real ostrich skin, unbeknown to us its renowned for its distinctive pattern of bumps - which are vacant quill follicles, a nicer way of saying gross enlarged pores YUCK. The production process is intricate and specialised resulting in the high cost. The black normal leather version I LOVE is £895 and the ostrich is £4,000. Yes that many 0's! Simply for value purposes you could buy four black leather Evelina's to one repulsive ostrich one - or eight of the brand new Ted Baker __it's nowhere online I'm going to take a photo tomorrow and discover it's name :)__ bag. After googling Ostrich Leather and zooming in on the Evelina I have to say I'm really repulsed. Yeah it's a beautiful bag but I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying something of that material or value - I'm a very forgetful girl.
Were you all aware of Ostrich bags? Do you think they're as gross and overrated as Lucy and I do?

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WTJ: This page is a message

.I never used to have an issue with sleeping; however since starting university last year my entire sleeping pattern has been irrevocably messed up. I find it easier to stay up till 6am working than falling asleep at 10pm and getting up at 8am. I try my absolute hardest and Karms doesn't even work for me anymore. It's really quite funny as, when I actually go out, I start feeling really, really sleepy at 2. The worst thing is knowing I'm working a nine hour shift tomorrow (well today) and the next day and the next day...and then it's back to uni...I will must be ok in the morning.
.Le Matin is French for Morning: thought I could at least learn something in relation to my future whilst awake at this untimely hour.


Wellington's: Hunter
Coat: Next
Faux Fur Collar: from my coat
Knee high socks: Next

Those of you who know me or follow my twitter will know that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND people wearing Wellington's in the middle of cities. I see ridiculous amounts of people walking down Oxford Street wearing them in average weather - I genuinely cannot comprehend it. I'm from a small town surrounded by fields and its rare to see anyone wearing Wellington's whilst walking their dog let alone shopping down the high street.

Yes, the whole country chic is still in, but must we seriously wear Wellington's in the city on a perfectly reasonable day!? Therefore on my most recent home visit I took the opportunity to photograph Hunter's in the appropriate environment: mud!

I'm certain my disdain for appropriate Wellington wear stems from when I fell in love with horses and horse riding. I wore wellies for the first year of lessons whilst the rich kids had various riding boots. I wasn't remotely fussed about what I wore - I just completely loved riding and won numerous ribbons for riding without the desired boots, ha! I think they were my last pair of Wellington's until I started going to festivals, where they are THE essential footwear, my parents brought me a pair of Hunter Wellington's as a gift for completing my A-levels (3 years ago) for Reading Festival, I wore them at both V and Boardmasters this year (above photo). As I am quite petite I decided against the original Hunter as it was more of a knee-high boot than a Wellington and opted for the Huntress - I haven't seen any about tbh and thought they may have been discontinued, however I've googled them and they;re still available and seemingly considerably cheaper.

Yeah they're ideal footwear for English weather, festivals and rural life but seriously, not ideal footwear for Westfield. Does anyone else share my view on this? or am I MA-jorly overreacting?
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