The boy and I made the absolute most of my first Sunday off since September and took a trip to The Old Spitalfield's Market, this is what I wore:
Jumper: ZARA (old)
Jeans: ASOS
T-shirt: H&M

And what we saw :) I'm sorry there's a ton of photos I CANNOT work out how to get them to be all lovely and in two rows like milkteef. If anyone could enlighten me I'd be so grateful! I've actually spent all evening googling and youtubing to absolutely NO avail ): and am now too sleepy to care.


  1. I luv spitalfields, ur photos r rly cool. cute blog Lily xo

  2. your boyfriend is hot.

  3. Aww these photos are all so cute! I've never been to spitalfields :(
    You look beautiful too hun!
    Emma xx

    ps. now following you :)

  4. Hahaha those four books are funny. I'm not sure how you would get the photos next to each other using HTML, but I would have probably just saved two photos next to each other as one picture in photoshop/paint before I uploaded them! x


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