I wasn't aware of this wonderful award until my lovely friend Nat selected me as one of her favourites, and became even more excited when Scarlett notified me that I was was one of hers too! I'm really touched as I've only been blogging since November so it's such an honour to be regarded as anyone's 'favourite' or 'beloved' (the loose translation of Liebster) blog. The whole concept of this award is brilliant, promoting smaller blogs that you don't often stumble across.

The idea is that you comment on the blog of the person who awarded you by thanking them and also linking their blog, then select five of your favourite bloggers who have less than 200 followers and then notify them by commenting on their blog!

My favourites are:

.Just a Thought
.It's all so Scarlett
.Under the [Fashion] Influence
.The Tuesday Girl
.PolkaDot Lighthouse (UK)

Sorry for the delay in posting, I've been really busy with work and tidying up my room/flat for my mother's visit this weekend - it's my first weekend off since September so I'm really excited to spend some time with her and have a break from uni and work. I've got some great posts planned for next week so look out for those! Have a lovely weekend whatever you guys get up to - hopefully I'll see some of you at ZOMG on monday, I'm really looking forward to it but have absolutely NO idea what to wear!


  1. Thanks so much hun! I feel so truly happy and excited that you picked me. I love that you appreciate and enjoy reading my blog. I'm really over the moon :)
    Emma xx

    1. You're more than welcome Emma, love your blog (:

  2. Aww thanks Sarah! It's such a great way to get the word around. I hope you have a great weekend with your mum xxxxxx

    1. Thank you! It was so lovely to see her. Hopefully see you when I'm next over Tyler's. xxx

  3. Thank you, lovely lady! This is a lovely idea to spread the word about smaller blogs :) have a lovely weekend! xx

  4. Many thanks, Sarah! Olga and I are most chuffed. We'll get round to spreading the Liebster love soon. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    Carla and Olga

  5. Oooh well done on winning the award! I'm now going to check out all the blogs you've suggested. Love having a nosey!

    Rianna xxx

    1. Thank you, there's some great blogs out there. I met Mary last night at a blogging event and would recommend checking her's out too:


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