Those of you who follow me on twitter will be aware that I went on a rather drunken late night online shopping spree, utilising my NUS card and taking complete advantage of Topshop's 20% students discount offer. I'd totally forgotten about this order until I received an email last week saying my order had been dispatched. This is what arrived:

Limited Edition Zebra Print Slant Tweezers By Tweezerman
Lipstick Pencil in Coral Blush
'S' initial ring
Studded Vectra Slippers in Black and Nude

The ring will most certainly be returned as its not remotely my style and is far too G. I'd been deliberating over the Studded Vectra Slippers for a while as I'd been hopelessly lusting over the Louboutin Studded Pumps and thought Topshop's version would be a great alternative - although I still think they're really quite overpriced I'm actually thankful my drunken self decided to order them as I cannot envisage my summer without the nude pair. I most recently purchased a gorgeous pastel tweed dress for my summer internships and the nude slippers will look UM-AZING with it. Overall I'm surprisingly impressed with my drunken taste.


  1. Ohhh I love those studded slippers!! I got them in black velvet and I've been dying to get the nude ones!
    Congrats on the haul! :)
    Emma xx

    ps. hahaha drunken online shopping spree! Your drunk taste is pretty amazing

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they and so comfortable. Ah I loved the velvet too! Thank you lovely, haha I know I'm really relieved. xxx

  2. all the purchases look great!

  3. You picked some lovely things :)


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