My year in review


I've never reviewed my year before, but 2015 has been pretty great so I thought if I was to start summarising years, this would be the one to start with.

I can't quite believe how much I've achieved this year and while I'm still working on and chasing dreams in other areas I'm pretty satisfied with how this one is ending.

Top five highlights:

1, Finally getting a job job. After YEARS, and I mean years of assisting, freelancing and interning I was offered a real job on the dreamiest team at the dreamiest publication.

2, Securing the job enabled Tyler and I to finally go on our American adventure. We had the absolute best time visiting and catching up with all of our american friends from University. I fell completely in love with everything about LA and have spent every single day since we returned thinking of ways to get back out there.

3, I stopped commuting to London and moved in with Tyler and my dearest uni friend Lucy which is so much fun. I love our little home and am looking forward to more adventures in the new year.

4, Tyler's brother and his fiancé got engaged and had their first baby, Asha on the day we returned from America. She's the most perfectly precious peach and has provided me a constant motivation as each month I'm reminded of how long it's been since we were in America.

5, I started testing at the end of the year, I learnt SO much on my first shoot and it's something I'm aspiring to do at least once a month in the new year. You can see my party wear shoot here.

2015 in numbers:

2: Go's on the Shark Slide in The Golden Nugget Hotel, Vegas
4: Flights I've taken since January
9: The number of states I visited in America
54: Blog posts posted since re-launching my blog in mid-September
100: The number of miles I drove from Nevada to California
265: Instagram pictures uploaded
800: Followers I reached on Instagram (come say hi I'm SarahRoseGoes)

In 2015 I discovered:

In 'n' Out Burger - their double-double protein-style burger is a real game changer.

Charlotte Tilbury's make up range and my favourite ever lipstick (Lost Cherry, fyi.)

America - not literally, but I've dreamed of going there my whole life. It was even more than I could have ever imagined and I can't wait to get back out there.

Bieber, yes I was very late to the party but I'm now a fully converted Belieber.

Personal highlights:

Being reunited with my dearest American friends after five years apart <3

Celebrating 4th July on Santa Monica beach.

Spending my 24th birthday on the road to Nashville, with non-stop country radio, Cheetos and grape Fanta.

Swimming with Dolphins in San Diego.

Assisting on so many amazing shoots this year with such talented teams. I can't wait to be involved in more in the new year.

Tyler and I celebrated six years together in September which seems like a totally absurd amount of time when you say it aloud. I'm really excited to see what 2016 has in store for us.

Five Things to look forward to in 2016:

1, Weddings. I've never been to a wedding and in May I'll be attending two within three days. Expect lots of 'What to wear to a wedding' posts in the new year!

2, My maternity contract ends at the end of the summer and I'm excited to see what I'll do next.

3, Seeing what test shoots I do and where they take me.

4, I'm aiming to finally finish editing and uploading our American Vlogs before the new year, I got a little too attached to the footage and its taken SO much longer than I expected to get them uploaded. My normal fashion videos will resume in January, I've got lots planned and can't wait to share them with you. Ensure you're subscribed to my channel :)

5, I'm reallllllly keen to learn calligraphy. I got a wonderful little set from my Grandparents for Christmas and I'm looking forward to trying to teach myself how to do it.

Thank you so much for all of your support with my blog this year, it had been so neglected until September and I've had such fun getting back into blogging and creating content. Do let me know if there's anything you'd really like to see in 2016...more travel? fashion? beauty? More/less vlogs?

3 New Years Eve Outfits

Victoriana Lace Dress, £45, V by Very; Master Tortoise Shell Heel Boots, £85, Topshop

Sequin Turtleneck Top, £29.99, H&M; Rivington Jeans, £28, Asos; Master Tortoise Shell Heel Boots, £85, Topshop

Shimmer Metallic Jersey Top, £75, Reiss;  Coro Skirt, £109, Coast; 

Sequins, lace and sparkle - everything you need for New Years Eve. Whether you're heading to a party, pub or posh do I've got three looks to inspire you.

Last year was the first NYE I just stayed in. I noticed how up to then I had been chasing after the perfect plan, outfit and the right pals to spend it with. So I decided to just spend it playing board games in front of the fire with my boyfriend and my little pup: it was pretty perfect. This year we're having a little gathering at home home as my brother's girlfriend's visiting. I'm undecided whether to wear either my fave Reiss Shimmer Metallic top or H&M Sequin Turtleneck with a pair of trusty Topshop Leigh's and my cosiest cashmere socks.

However you spend yours I hope you a wonderful New Year! 

The suede trench

Suede Coat, £250, Topshop; Roll neck Sweater, £39.99, Zara; Leigh Jeans, £38, Topshop;
Betty snake-effect Boots, £38, Topshop

So it's Christmas eve's eve and I've totally fallen for and naughtily treated myself to a totally unnecessary tan suede coat. Of course I have, the compulsive shopper in me will never ever be sensible.

2015 has undoubtedly been one of the best years of my life, I secured my first real-life and finally got to visit my dearest friends in America, so despite the abysmal state of my bank account, I bought it. Sometimes I think those spontaneous purchases are filled with huge amounts of regret but I'm hoping that this one wont be, fingers crossed.

I hope you all have a really wonderful Christmas, my last post of 2015 will be going live tomorrow and then in 2016 my new YouTube channel will be up and running and this suede coat and I will be back on my blog. See you then :)

The beanie edit

Chain hand knitted beanie, £16, Topshop; Jumper, Madeline Thompson

Nothing says winter like a super cosy, oversized beanie hat. I love this chain knit style from Topshop even more as it's hand knitted and a beautiful pillar box red. Hats add such a playful touch to a warm winter's look and are offset perfectly with a classic Breton and matching red lips and nails.

Shop my favourite Christmas knits below...
Stripe hat, £29 £14.50, Boden; Faux fur pom pom beanie, £14, Topshop; Rust beanie, £12 £7, Miss Selfridge; Interchange bobbl hat, £94.95, Bobbl at Harrods; Bobble hat, £10, Dorothy Perkins; Ppm pom hat, £9.99, Zara

Above my Fireplace

Cactus Vase, £21.50, Holly's House at Trouva; Tin Sign, $5; Ginsberg is God Candle, £40, Bella Freud; 
Ampersand, £29.99, Holly's House at Trouva

There genuinely aren't enough negative adjectives in the world to truly convey how much I completely and utterly despise this vile fireplace/mantlepiece. However as I'm currently/forever renting there's little I can do other than to spruce it up and add a little joozh with some ornaments and candles. I'm going to be re-launching my YouTube channel in the new year and thought that sharing little aspects of our cosy flat would be a nice way to acquaint you with it ahead of time :)

A few of my pals have recently purchased their first homes and whilst I'm genuinely super proud of them I'm also beyond envious of the fact that they're now allowed to put up shelves, paint walls and remove hideous mantlepieces. It's the simplest and most basic things that make such a difference when renting. We currently have so much dead space in alcoves that could so, so easily be utilised through very pinterest-able shelving - the fact it isn't kills a little bit of my soul everyday.

As this is the first time my boyfriend and I are actually 'officially' sharing a room in the six years we've been together I've actively tried to make it more 'us' than 'me' and quite gender neutral. Although the fact that this mantelpiece is positioned between my dressing table and book case filled with shoes contradicts this slightly.

We picked up the tin Los Angeles sign at a $5 store next to the Chinese theatre in Hollywood, it was a super spontaneous buy and I'm so grateful that we purchased it. I look at it every single morning and night when I try and think of ways in which our American dreams can be realised again. Sob.

I attended the launch of online boutique Trouva at the start of September and purchased the Cactus Vase (mine's the small) and the Copper Ampersand afterwards with the generous voucher they kindly gave us. I think the vase is super fun and a quirk alternative to an actual living cluster of cacti - which were demoted to the downstairs windowsill upon the arrival of this gem. Whilst the Ampersand is such a timeless home accessory, I jumped at the opportunity to finally tick it off my never ending interiors wish list.

Those of you who know me IRL will know that Bella Freud is one of my all time faves. I finally invested in one of her iconic 'Ginsberg is God' candles and it's truly been a game changer. I'm usually a fan of clean, cosy fragrances but this fruity, Fig & Tomato fragrance makes me super nostalgic, taking me back to visiting my Pappy in his green house whilst he watered his precious cherry toms. I've taken to only burning it when we have visitors, but already have great hopes for it as a brush holder.

6 ways to feel more festive this Christmas...

There's only five days to go until Christmas and if, like my boyfriend, you're still not feeling especially festive I've got six ways to help you get there: whether that's through adding something festive into your daily wardrobe or visiting

1, Go iceskating. Irrespective of your skating capabilities you're bound to have a lot of fun. My favourite place to go ice skating is The Natural History Museum: this year Swarovski have decorated the tree, there's a carousel and even a cosy bar that overlooks the rink serving mulled wine and mince pies.

2, Go window-shopping. Department stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Liberty are internationally renowned for their iconic window displays. The two Christmases I worked for Selfridges were definitely the years I felt most festive as an adult: ballerinas, brass bands and elves visited each floor putting on wonderful performances. If you're in London be sure to check out the Christmas lights adorning key touristy areas Carnaby Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street are all beautifully lit up.

3, Head to Kew Gardens, Winterville or Winter Wonderland they're all pretty magical. Kew is my new favourite place to go, with singing Holly bushes and the most spectacular displays of Christmas lights and candles it's something to take your whole family to.

4, If you're outside of London go for a drive, when I was younger my Mum would take us all out to see the best Christmas light displays around our local area, and often the county. Nothing says Christmas quite like an over the top lights and singing Santa decorations.

5, Watch your favourite Christmas films, one after the other. We did this last weekend and I'm sure we'll be spending Sunday wrapping presents whilst watching Elf for the thousandth time. If Buddy can't get you into the holiday spirit try Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street.

6, If all else fails, simply wear a Christmas jumper. I spent yesterday in mine and felt pretty merry all day. I spotted so many girls on the tube wearing wonderfully trashy tinsel earrings and have already resolved to get my ears re-pierced so I can get some flashing Christmas puddings next year.


The Christmas jumper edit

Baubles Jumper, £46, Warehouse; White Orkney Shirt, £39, Hobbs; Keats Grove Bag, £79.50, Radley 

Today's officially #ChristmasJumperDay and I've had my trusty Warehouse style ready for a week or so now. I love how it's both understated and sparkly at the same time, I layered mine with  a trusty white shirt, navy-toned accessories and my house-mates lovely Topshop jeans. 

I've felt super festive all day while wearing this bauble jumper and am super excited to head home home early next week to see my family - who will undoubtedly be proudly wearing their favourite festive knits. I'm heading to Winter Wonderland this weekend with my boyfriend to try and get him into the festive spirit, he's been so busy with work that despite us watching Elf 1,000,000 times he's still not got that Christmas spirit.

Seasons Tweetings Jumper, £34.95, Joules; Cashmere Starry Night Jumper, £245, Chinti & Parker; Christmas Scene, £18, Primark; Fairytale of New York, £365, Bella Freud x Kate Moss for Save the Children; 25 Jumper, £44.50, Boden; Baubles Jumper, £20, Debenhams


Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks of dreams

Alas this is not a fantastical tale as the title may imply but rather an ode to my favourite make-up artist turned make-up mogul, Charlotte Tilbury.

I've been a huge fan of the Charlotte Tilbury collection since the launch of her eponymous selection of dreamy products in late 2013, with her desire to "de-code my artistry to create make-up that is easy to choose and easy to use." A desire that she's certainly achieved, now renowned for breaking down each iconic make-up look, sectioning products into looks and providing both literary and visual advice on how to recreate them at home. Whether you're hoping to emulate 'The Rock Chick' or 'The Golden Goddess' there's a look and product for each occasion. I recently visited her newly launched Covent Garden store and loved that you can walk away with a card showcasing each of her looks and how to achieve them.

I've previously reviewed her Goddess Skin Clay Mask on this blog and will be sharing my review of her Mini Miracle Eye Wand with you very shortly: however if you follow me on twitter or instagram you'll know that her Matte Revolution Lost Cherry Lipstick is my all time favourite lipstick.

Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks are all square-tipped for precision: intended to mimic a lip brush they're perfect for applying on the go, and a super easy way to update your look for when spontaneity gets the better of you. Enriched with Lipstick Tree and Orchid extracts the lipstick helps to maintain healthy lips by hydrating them whilst you wear it. Whilst the Matte Revolution technology also combines 3D glowing pigments to create the illusion of lit-from-within lips which appear plumper and more Kylie Jenner-esque.

I've recently become a little besotted with her latest KISSING range. A section of 10 lust-worthy (and paraben free) lipsticks that I'm very keen to collect.

Quite unsurprisingly both of her Luxury Lipstick Wardrobes are, rather eagerly, at the top of my Christmas wish lists this year.

Driving to Las Vegas - USA road trip vlog day 21

Our journey to Vegas, tweeting Gordon Ramsay, winning $50 and exploring Vegas by night...

Music: Gliss, Just Kiddin (

We'll be vlogging all the way so ensure you're subscribed to follow our travels from the East to the West coast. #TylerandSarahsroadtrip



The classic fedora

Hat, £3.99, Primark; Printed Dress, £39.50, Limited at Marks & Spencer; Master Boots, £85, Topshop

Braving a December day sans tights would ordinarily seem like a very bold move, but this has been one of the mildest winters that I can remember. I'm currently making the most of life without super cosy tights as I'll inevitably be back in them come January... 

An all year-round staple of mine however is the classic fedora, super versatile it can be worn with everything from printed dresses to classic tailoring. This slightly-wider brimmed style from Primark has been a favourite of mine since the end of this summer,  perfect for hiding a horrible hair day the beauty of hat wearing is the way you wear it. A lot can be conveyed through the way a hats worn whether that's an upwards angle for openness, a side tilt for mischief or a down tilt, for mood. In the words of Sinatra "angles are attitudes."

Shop my fedora favourites below...

Clockwise from left: Wide Brim Kathy Fedora, £45, Christys at Urban Outfitters; Wide Brim Fedora, £25, Topshop; Weekend Mix Fedora, £40 £24, Linea at House of Fraser; Colour Block Fedora, £28, Topshop; Metal Trim Fedora, £28, Topshop; Felt Hat, £22.99, Zara; Navy Classic Fedora, £21, Warehouse; Olive Fedora, £22, Topman; 
Metal Trim Fedora, £28, Topshop


Friday favourites - 1

Downtown Silk Scarf, £50 now £40, Radley; Beau Silk Lingerie Set, £27.50, Rosie for Autograph at Marks & Spencer; Red Polished Mini Izzy, £245, Lulu Guinness; Navy Bauble Jumper, £46 now £36.80, Warehouse; Sequin Turtleneck Top, £29.99, H&M; Check Culottes, £55, Topshop; The Lipstick Wardrobe - Matte Revolution, £220, Charlotte Tilbury; Betty Silver Boots, £39, Topshop; Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, £65, ASOS; Sequin Breton, £350, Kate Spade New York; Cashmere Beanie, £125, Chinti & Parker

So I may be totally broke - mainly due to accidentally over-buying Christmas presents this year - but I decided to treat myself to a new pair of Stan Smith's this week. My old cracked leather style took me across America this summer and were looking a little beyond loveworn. They're quite simply the comfiest, most versatile and easy to wear shoe so purchasing a second pair felt like more of an investment than a ill-advised pre-Christmas splurge. 

I'm almost quite proud that the Stan Smiths are the only thing within this edit that I've actually purchased so far... I've been lusting after 90% of these pieces for (what's felt like) so long that putting them into this edit was quite therapeutic, so much so that I'm going to be posting a Friday Favourites post each and every week from now: sharing everything that's caught my eye that week. 

Tweet me @SarahRHarrison to let me know if you've been tempted by my Friday Favourites :)

San Diego Zoo + Comic Con - USA road trip vlog day 20

We'll be vlogging all the way so ensure you're subscribed to follow our travels from the East to the West coast. #TylerandSarahsroadtrip



The party wear edit

I shot my first test shoot a couple of week's back with photographer Lloyd Ramos and wanted 
to share our party wear edit with y'all. 

 Here are six stand-out looks I styled that are sure to see you through the party season...

Photographer: Lloyd Ramos
Make-Up Artist: Megan Klaire Campbell
Model: Jasmine at Leni's Models

Velvet Tux Jacket, £75, Topshop; Embellished Bralet, £35, Topshop

Velvet Tux Jacket, £75; Velvet Cigarette Trousers, £45, both Topshop, Rain Drop Sandals, £595, Camilla Elphick  

Sequin Top, £29.99, H&M; Coro Skirt, £109, Coast; Bag, £29.99, H&M

Shiny Twist Dress, £140, Topshop Boutique; Nina Silver Metallic Clutch, £225, LK Bennett

Gold Engraveable Bar Necklace, £109, Missoma; Metallic Boucle Tank, £425, and Metallic Boucle Culottes, £650, both Isa Arfen; Suede Flatforms, £29.99, Marks & Spencer

Pearl Collar Dress, £75, Topshop


The cropped jumpsuit

1: High Neck Jumper, £39.99 and Cropped Jumpsuit, £39.99, both Zara; Pointed Pumps, £29.99, Clarks
2: Rollneck Jumper, £19.99, Mango; Master Tortoise Shell Heel Boots, £85, Topshop

I think I've discovered the ultimate manrepeller, the cropped jumpsuit. I'm totally besotted and my boyfriend is totally baffled.

I braved Oxford Street yesterday afternoon and was queuing in Zara when I spotted it: comprising all of my favourite things: a drop-waist, cosy woolen-blend and a cropped cullote-esque wide-leg it's pretty dreamy.

In a seasonal green-marl it works just as well layered under a high-neck chunky-knit cream jumper as it does when worn with a light-tone roll neck and heeled boots. I'm totally besotted with it, but will ensure I don't wear it to any upcoming date nights.

Shop my favourite cropped jumpsuits...
Glitter Wrap Culotte Jumpsuit, £39, Topshop;  Fancy Cropped Jumpsuit, £39.99, Zara; Chain Strap Culotte Jumpsuit, £60, Topshop; Talula Cropped Jumpsuit, £130, Cartonnier at Anthropolgie; Grace Jumpsuit, £27.50, Motel; Influence Navy Pinafore Cropped Jumpsuit, £11, New look; MOTO Cord Culotte Jumpsuit, £65, Topshop; Cameo Rose Khaki High Neck Jumpsuit, £11.50, New Look 


Black Friday sale codes

Scarf, now £60, Whistles; Faux Fur Patchwork Coat, now £65, Topshop; Cashmere Jumper, now £37.50, Marks & Spencer; Cut Out Lips Vanity Case, now £26, Lulu Guinness; Abstract Lips Umbrella, £19.60, Lulu Guinness; Block Heel Chelsea Boots, now £25, Marks & Spencer; Faux Shearling coat, now £48.99, Mango; Red Small Leather Annabelle, now £103.25, Lulu Guinness; Melista Skirt, now £90.30, Coast

So I tried and miserably failed at my big plan to avoid black Friday, I'd been inundated with emails and seen all the posters and was set on resisting everything until I spotted the incredibly discounted Cashmere at Marks & Spencer. I've since spiralled into a sale shopping spree and finished half of my Christmas shopping...oops!

So I've made an edit of all the codes, making all the money saving deals and hottest offers super accessible for you! Do comment below to let me know if you've managed to stay strong and resist or what you've splurged on :)

Anthropologie, 20% off everything – no code needed 

Aspinal of London, 20% off everything – no code needed 
ASOS, 20% off with code CYBER

Atterley, 10% off everything with code BLACK10 

Boden, 30% off everything with 3Y7L

Boohoo, up to 50% off everything - no code needed

Cath Kidston, 40% off selected bags – no code needed

Coast, up to 40% off - no code needed

Gap, up to 40% off with code FRIDAYGAP

Jack Wills, 50% off everything – no code needed with an additional £25 off when you spend £100 

J. Crew, 20% off your purchase and an extra 30% off sale styles with code GETSHOPPING 

John Lewis, price matching competitors

House of Fraser, up to 50% off – no code needed 
La Portegna, 20% off everything with BLACKFRIDAY15

Lands End, 30% off – no code needed 

Liberty, 20% off– no code needed 

Lulu Guinness, up to 60% off – no code needed 

Mango, 30% off everything with 5BLACK2015 

Modalu, 30% off - no code needed

M&Co, 25% off with code XMAS25

Marks & Spencer, up to 50% off – no code needed

Missguided, 20% off with code CYBER20

Miss Selfridge, up to 50% off – no code needed

Sophia Webster, 10% off everything with SWBLACKFRI

Topshop, 50% off – no code needed 

The Outnet, up to 65% off

Urban Outfitters, up to 50% off – no code needed

Zara, 20% off – no code needed 

The oversized roll neck

Jumper, £38, Topshop; Leigh Jeans, £38, Topshop; Keats Grove Bag, £79.50, Radley; Muse Bone Heel Boots, £85, Topshop

Topshop is your one-stop shop for super-cosy knits this season. Cosy and chic there's a style to suit all, my current favourite style is the oversized roll neck (or funnel neck - who knows?!), it's super easy to team with jeans and your trusty winter boots or tucked into a skirt with loafers.

I'm constantly on the search for the perfect roll neck jumper and been lusting after a vibrant red style since before fashion week to no avail (if you've seen one please comment any links below :D). My most recent search was for a classic grey marl, with no silly tassels or fluted sleeved - every other jumper seems to have one of these details which are sadly super unflattering on me, and this toppers style ticked all the boxes. Available in a light blue and deep navy, it's a great addition to your winter wardrobe and will be sure to keep you cosy layered under your winter coat on frosty mornings. 

Shop my edit of the cosiest roll neck jumpers below...

Tweed Oversized Jumper, £42, Topshop; Hand Knit Loopy Jumper, £130, Warehouse; Bugle Embellished Cable Jumper, £55, Warehouse; Cable Knit Roll Neck Jumper, £41, Jack Wills; Oversized Jumper, £29.99, Zara; Ribbed Roll Neck, £25, Topshop; 8-Intarsia Roll-neck Sweater, £285, Bella Freud; Roll Neck Sweater, £206.25, Chinti & Parker 

The lace dress

The classic lace dress has been given a trend focussed 70s update from old trusty Toppers. Featuring a statement low-cut open back and 3/4 bell sleeves there's certainly a whimsical romantic vibe to this statement piece.

Showcase the detailed neckline by wearing your hair in a top knot, or style with ankle boots and a cosy cardigan for off-duty ease.

Shop the lace styles I'm lusting after...

Lace swing dress, £39, Topshop; Sheer lace all-in-one, £42, Topshop; Lace jumpsuit, £104.30, Biba at House of Fraser; Speziale no peep floral lace blouse, £79, M&S Collection; Lace high neck top, £42, Topshop;  Sheer lace all-in-one, £42, Topshop; Tonal lace pencil skirt, £55, Topshop; Lace coat, £99.99, H&M; Shirt dress, £125, Biba at House of Fraser

The wrap coat

 Coat, £79.99, Zara; Edie Bag, Lulu Guinness at Zalando; Rivington Jeans, £28, Asos;
Betty Snake-effect Boots, £36, Topshop

I have a real thing for coats. I've slowly built up a little collection over the years which I hope to share with you, if I ever finish editing my USA roadtrip vlogs. 

The silhouette of the season and my current favourite variety is the Wrap Coat. Not only does the super flattering style cinch you in your waist, it also covers you almost from head-to-toe. Not only ensuring that you keep cosy from dawn-to-dusk but also concealing any love-worn styles that you're trying to see through this winter. I like to invest in a great coat which I can then layer over more affordable staples from Primark.

I picked up this grey oversized style from Zara a few months back as I hadn't yet brought any of coats from home, home down to London and was assisting on a location shoot. I popped into the best Zara on Oxford St (you know the one!) and fell instantly in love with this style. Very reasonably priced at under £100 it's a real steal. One of my favourite features, aside from the huge pockets and dressing gown vibe is it's loose sleeves, which are great at acclimatising you yo an overcrowded tube after a walk in the bitter cold.

A really accessible trend from the AW15 catwalk, take inspiration from The Row's multi-tonal style and shop this reversible wrap option from Whistles. Wear over all your favourite weekend outfits or team yours with tonal separates for extra effect.

Shop my edit of the most covetable belted outerwear...
Reversible Wrap Coat, £250, Whistles; Cashmere Wrap Coat, £225, Topshop Boutique; Military Belted Coat, £149 currently £119.20, M&S Collection; Stone Belted Coat, £49.99, New Look; Grenat Oversized Wool Coat, £450, Maje; Faux-fur Winter Cuff Coat, £160, River Island Studio; Rust Belted Wrap Coat, £39.99, New Look; Augustus Two-Tone Silk and Cashmere Coat, £4,540, The Row; Camel Wool-blend Coat, £60, River Island; Cashmere Wrap Coat, £225, Topshop Boutique


Trending: Winter Sparkle

Shimmer Metallic Jersey Top, £75, Reiss; Faux-suede Skirt, £65, River Island; Boots, £85, Topshop

One of my favourite things about the impending party season is it's the perfect excuse to wear anything and everything sparkly. 

Glitter, glitz and sparkle can completely update a whole look. My favourite way to add a little sparkle to an outfit is to simply layer a sparkly roll neck under your cosiest jumper, or switch a classic grey tee for a glitzy silver style with your favourite jeans. 

Whilst this sparkly Reiss style is a little scratchy to get on and off, it's perfect for evenings out with just the right amount of eye-catching shimmer. The funnel-neckline on this contemporary style accentuates the sleek style with long sleeves offer a very welcomed bit of extra warmth. Wear yours with black skinny jeans for the office, switching to a full emerald-tone skirt for Christmas parties.

Shop my edit of the best sparkly pieces below...

Glitter Funnel Neck Top, £20, Topshop; Short Glitter Top, £5.99, H&M; Cosmic Bean Sequin Top, £115, French Connection; Starry Nights Embellished Top, £89, Coast; Sequin Polo Top, £75, Topshop; Flint Sequin Top, £85, French Connection; Sequin Crop Top, £19.99, H&M; ASOS Night Sequin Crop Top, £45, ASOS

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