15 Maxi Dresses Under £100:

Maxi Dress, Boohoo (I didn't realise this was maternity when I purchased it - oops!)

So, let's chat maxi's. If there's one (workwear appropriate) garment that's help you take on the rising temperatures it's the maxi dress and goodness me we need it. 

This week has been absolutely mental. The weather is literally like nothing I've ever, ever experienced before. Especially in London travelling on the tube has been utterly gross. A gross sweaty mess would even be an understatement.

An effortless staple the maxi dress is super versatile and can be whatever you'd like it to be. You can go classic or all-out bold. From colourful striped styles to off-the-shoulder options there's everything you could ever want. I'm personally loving the delicate embroidered styles and think this M&S dress is the absolute dream. 

A go-to for every summer event and party from formal occasions to beach bbqs I've compiled a little edit of 15 of my favourites from my go-to high street stores:


River Island



6 Things To Do Before A Holiday:

So, as ever, I've left it a little late and am two sleeps away from going on a little trip to Marseille with Roxy and then immediately heading away on my own summer hols.

To say I have major pre-holiday anxiety would be such an understatement I can't even tell you. Last night I tried on (yes, in this absurd heat!) every single thing I'd optimistically purchased over the last few months ahead of both and was left feeling beyond flobby and wholly unprepared. So, I thought I'd pop together a little list on her, almost as a reminder to myself, of all the things I cannot and must not forget to do/pack/prepare.

For those of you who, like me, are rather leave-everything-until-the-last-minute-and-then-panic packers..,

This sounds pretty basic and rather obvious but changing rooms, the awful lighting and the huge queues that precede them are hideous and as such, I never ever try anything on in-store. This has long been my go-to and often failsafe option. But 90% of the pieces I tried on yesterday were bloody awful on me I now have no option but to brave Oxford Street in 30+ degree heat to return and exchange things. Yuppp I've learnt my lesson.

So once you've tried on your holiday clothes and made sure all your old favourites are freshly washed and good to go. Go old school and make a little list of key essentials that you know you couldn't make it through the week without. I generally tend to forget either my pjs or a toothbrush, both of which can easily be replaced. However, things like your beloved sunnies, the book you were desperate to read and  always prove to be a little difficult.

Whilst my pre-holiday organisation is pretty poor one thing I'm blooming proud of is my ability to pack a pretty solid hand luggage bag. I honestly thing they're more important than your hold luggage. There's nothing quite as lovely as having your chewing gum, fave pair of fluffy socks and sheet mask to hand. I don't get on a flight without a see-through handy pouch with lip balm, hand cream and a roll-on fragrance.

Your passport goes without saying but visa's and travel insurance (more below...) are absolute must-haves. SD cards, waterproof phone cases, CURRENCY - so, so important! Camera's, chargers, laptops. Any prescribed mediation, antihistamines, bite-creams and paracetamol. Also, always take a few plasters as you just know you'll be caught out by your new sandals.

Sometimes life just gets in the way and the mani-pedi you planned on getting just doesn't happen. Try not to stress over it and don't panic as you can always rely on the Boots at your airport for a nail file, polish or two and a last resort new-razor.

If you're lucky enough to travel quite often investing in something like annual travel insurance is a great idea, some options are only £20/5 per year and if you ever needed to use it it'd be worth every penny.


The Best Wedding Guest Dresses Under £200

Berkley Floral Midi Dress, Finery London; Bag, Me & Em; Shoes, Marks & Spencer

Wedding season is officially on us and next weekend I'll be attending my first wedding of the year! I always get quite overwhelmed with the idea of finding the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding and thought I'd share an edit of the best styles I found on my search...

If you dare to bare this summer do so with a pastel or printed dress, balancing out the shoulder-showing style by opting for a midi or maxi length. The off-the-shoulder trend is hugee, yet again, this summer and I'd recommend embracing it wholeheartedly. Whilst a classic lace style always makes for a timeless choice. Make a sweet, but subtle statement in a pastel lace style - simply pair with tonal accessories and loose curls and your good to go!

Maxi Dresses

Lace Dresses

Floral Dresses
Button Bardot Dress, Flynn Skye; Lotus Floral Dress; Finery; Garden Floral Wrap Dress; Topshop; Floral Dress, Asos; Floral Maxi, Finery London

Wrap Around Shoes
Marrakech Block Heel, Topshop; Floral Sandals, Zara;  Mayfair Tie-Up Heels, Kurt Geiger London; Jostle Heels and Real Frill Sandals, both Topshop 


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