Despite my fallout with Clinique earlier in the year
(they discontinued my absolute favourite foundation colour - with no warning)
they are still my ultimate go to skincare brand.

I religiously use their clarifying lotion and turnaround concentrate and would much rather sacrifice my food budget for the month than go without these products.
If you've never tried their clarifying lotion I implore you to do so.
You'll be astounded by how much dirt and make-up you actually still have on your face after cleansing and toning it's one of the best beauty investments.
I use mine on a daily and my previous bottle lasted over a year.

I sadly ran out of moisture surge about two months ago and have been unable to acquire enough funds to re-stock.

with Christmas being a matter of weeks away it seemed like the most perfect and practical gift to add to my pretty empty Christmas list.
I had a quick browse on their website and discovered some amazing offers...
With every purchase over £50 you receive a free deluxe gift set, two free samples and free standard delivery.

Possibly the most attractive order review I've ever seen:
So much love for samples.


Utterly love this.
I've been rather poorly today and it's made my day so much more bearable.
I implore you to watch it.

Starts at: 0.43



My fave (ex) pop star - Lily Allen has given birth, to a baby girl (allegedly).
After all of the heartbreak she's suffered this is so lovely to hear.


Okay so there's 20% off at Selfridges until Sunday 27th! Eeek!
I was obliged to purchase quite a few Christmas gifts with this wonderful discount. It was soo so convenient shopping after my shiftas I've had no time to spare browsing ASOS - and despite the very, very tight budget I was working to, it all felt so very luxurious. I even treated myself to some £4 Selfridges biscuits which were totally worth stretching into my overdraft for.

I highly recommend that you all hurry down, the discount is just too tempting & 100% more than the standard student discount and available on concessions from
Michael Kors to American Apparel. Vouchers can be obtained by either following Selfridges on facebook or enquiring at the customer service desk. (*some concessions have a 10% discount and others -Jimmy Choo- are excluded from the offer.)

These are my bags...
(I'm sorry I can't actually show my purchases but my family, boy and friends will be snooping!)

I haven't actually found anything I truly like for Christmas this year, so far.
Except preposterously expensive items, which I think I prefer the idea of rather than the prospect of them: Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb is one of my absolute favourite fragrances, their candle smells incredible but I could never expect, or imagine anyone spending so much on a candle.

What's on your Christmas list?


Frozen Planet is my absolute most favourite thing.
Massive hair envy.
I love Alexa's dress it reminds me of Lucy's phenomenal galaxy leggings:


Had such a lovely evening celebrating my beautiful flat mate Lucy's 21st
with a curry and a few drinks on Brick Lane last night.
We ate at the critically acclaimed Aladin which exceeded my expectations. The tables were quite cramped but the food was wonderful; I ordered a 'Balti Kurma' (not korma) which was very yummy.

My other flat mate, Rushi, and I had decorated the flat in the early hours of Tuesday morning with banners and balloons - my favourite decorations were theseEast of India HAPPY BIRTHDAY paperchains that I'd purchased whilst in Cornwall this summer from my favourite boutique in Padstow.

Alex joined us at our flat for pre-drinks and the usual outfit dilemma's.
I eventually decided on an old Topshop dress which I'd cut into a top during a V FESTIVAL wardrobe panic earlier in the year, ASOS Kate jeggings with my black block heel boots and the faux fur collar from my coat
and my staple Marc by Marc Jacobs watch.

Both Lucy and Alex's dresses are from Topshop.
Excuse the roots...



Last year I was fortunate enough to share a flat with, altogether eight, American students: some on semester abroad programmes and others on an entire year ones.
Needless to say we had an banquet of turkey wings, roast & mash potatoes, stuffing and various other bits last year. It was awful saying goodbye but I'm so, so very excited to go and visit them all once I've graduated. Especially David who lives in the affluent 902010 just down the road from Nicole Kidman and has Jessica Simpson and Penelope Cruz as his direct neighbours.

Our carb heavy spread:

We were in our cosy clothes with messy hair and no make-up
so I've elected to upload a photo from our Christmas party instead, as we all look significantly more presentable.


This afternoon my flat mate and I took a trip to Westfield, Statford City
to purchase a few essential bits. My expensive taste and aptitude for bargain hunting made it quite an successful venture.
I found the most perfect winter coat in Toppers; it perfectly encapsulates both the princess coat and faux fur trends and adds a touch of classic glamour into my wardrobe.
I'd seen the coat online a while ago but I'm opposed to delivery costs and it's not been in their Oxford Street branch so I was so happy to accidentally stumble across it.
I particularly love the detachable faux fur collar - I'd purchased one from ASOS a few months ago but wasn't fond of the colour.

Through exchanging an unwanted item and utilising my student discount I paid a mere £40 for the usually £98 coat... such a lovely bargain :)

I was additionally obliged to stock up on Eylure faslies as Superdrug have a wonderful 3 for 2 offer on...

My absolute favourites are 116 (two end packets) - which subtly provide the perfect lash thickness and length. I also invested in a pack of 107's (center) which assist in creating a more dramatic look with darker, thicker lashes.

I also purchased these beautiful slipper boots from M&S, which are substantial, festive and an essential purchase for these freezing evenings and mornings in a student flat.



Compelled to mention the goddess that is RIHANNA.

Her new album TALK THAT TALK has been officially released for an hour.

Track listing:

1. You Da One
2. Where Have You Been
3. We Found Love Feat. Calvin Harris
4. Talk That Talk Feat. Jay-Z
5. Cockiness (Love It)
6. Birthday Cake
7. We All Want Love
8. Drunk On Love
9. Roc Me Out
10. Watch n' Learn
11. Farewell
12. Red Lipstick
13. Do Ya Thang
14. Fool In Love

What do you all think to it?

I'd been listening to the album before it's release, as it was being streamed through her facebook page and I LOVE IT ♥

I am obliged to mention that the boy, Natalie and the rest of their group were luckily enough to see her VIP, at the o2, FOR FREE last weekend.
Thought I'd share some of their photos to make you as jealous as I was/am...



I'm afraid I've got SO, SO MUCH university work to before Thursday that my posting will be absolutely minimal this week - which isn't a great start :(

On a happier note, I've just completed my third weekend at Selfridges, where I celeb spotted Rachel Stevens (of S Club 7 fame) who was my absolute idol when I was younger. My Mum took me to see S Club 7 (my first ever concert) for my eleventh birthday. I actually remember pretending to be S Club 7 in the school playground with my friends. Due to my blonde hair I was stuck being Hannah but Rachel was my fave and she continues to be so as she just seemed so normal - really relaxed and friendly towards people, I found it really refreshing that she wasn't absolutely tiny in real life, as every other female celeb I've met - Nicola Roberts in particular - has been beyond tiny.

My lovely colleague Sophie has encouraged me to do a re-cap of the last few months on here as they've been pretty eventful and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading about it :) I'll post it up as soon as I've completed all my assignments. Wish me luck...


I found the Evening Standard article on the John Lewis Christmas Advert to be an interesting read today on the ever delayed underground.

I found it beautifully portrayed the generous nature of some children and reminds me so much of my younger brother, Ashley; who has a heart of absolute gold.
He once wrapped up one of my own video tape recordings of The Worst Witch for my ninth birthday as a gift and was so so excited about presenting me with it. Similar to the young boy, Lewis McGowan, starring in the advert Ashley used to get so excited about gifts for others ("a handbag for mummy" *smile*). Of course, one cannot expect this to complete selflessness to continue forever and I can safely say he will be rushing to open the Jack Wills and Superdry garments he has already overly hinted to the WHOLE family about, rather than dashing to my parents room to surprise them with a gift.

The one thing I just cannot fathom is how the advert cost an incredible £6 million to make?!


taken from one of my favourite tumblr pages: awesome people hanging out together. Which has received an awful lot of, well deserved, publicity of late even in the Guardian.

Especially love that the photo of these two iconic women looks exactly like one of the numerous photos every girl has with her best friend.


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I reposted this image on my tumblr account three months ago and am still in love with them.

My infatuation with the glitter trend commenced with the Miu Miu glitter boots:

Which were subsequently copied by toppers and numerous other high street stores. I'm still utterly besotted with these beauties, yes I spent the last months of summer obsessing about them, but to no avail due to the crazy price tag.

My new job (working in the Selfridges Shoe Gallery) enables me to work a few meters along from iconic designers like: Christian Louboutin, YSL and Chanel - brands which I decorated my walls with ripped out pages from VOGUE and ELLE as a teenager: I am now in such DANGEROUS but INSPIRING closeness.

I have, so far, refrained myself from either investing in a pair or purchasing a cheaper style and have restricted myself to nail art and glitter garments...watch this space.


Right, here goes...

Welcome and thank you for stumbling across my new blog: Sarah-Rose goes...

I've been wanting to start a blog for absolutely ages and after working for Motel at their bloggers event last week I met so many lovely people I felt I was truly missing out on being part of such an exciting online community.

I'm not entirely certain on what this blog will entail but hopefully it'll encompass my passions for: literature, fashion, beauty, publishing, celebs, art and gossip. I'm just your average girl with big dreams, an overflowing make up bag and many broken rails.

My name is Sarah-Rose, i'm a 20 year old Comparative Literature and Linguistics student living in London. I work for the All Saints concession in Selfridges and am a Student Ambassador for Motel Rocks.

I'm really excited to be commencing my blogging adventure :)
(credit to my lovely flat mate Lucy, below right, who greatly assisted with selecting a blog name)

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