I found the Evening Standard article on the John Lewis Christmas Advert to be an interesting read today on the ever delayed underground.

I found it beautifully portrayed the generous nature of some children and reminds me so much of my younger brother, Ashley; who has a heart of absolute gold.
He once wrapped up one of my own video tape recordings of The Worst Witch for my ninth birthday as a gift and was so so excited about presenting me with it. Similar to the young boy, Lewis McGowan, starring in the advert Ashley used to get so excited about gifts for others ("a handbag for mummy" *smile*). Of course, one cannot expect this to complete selflessness to continue forever and I can safely say he will be rushing to open the Jack Wills and Superdry garments he has already overly hinted to the WHOLE family about, rather than dashing to my parents room to surprise them with a gift.

The one thing I just cannot fathom is how the advert cost an incredible £6 million to make?!

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