Compelled to mention the goddess that is RIHANNA.

Her new album TALK THAT TALK has been officially released for an hour.

Track listing:

1. You Da One
2. Where Have You Been
3. We Found Love Feat. Calvin Harris
4. Talk That Talk Feat. Jay-Z
5. Cockiness (Love It)
6. Birthday Cake
7. We All Want Love
8. Drunk On Love
9. Roc Me Out
10. Watch n' Learn
11. Farewell
12. Red Lipstick
13. Do Ya Thang
14. Fool In Love

What do you all think to it?

I'd been listening to the album before it's release, as it was being streamed through her facebook page and I LOVE IT ♥

I am obliged to mention that the boy, Natalie and the rest of their group were luckily enough to see her VIP, at the o2, FOR FREE last weekend.
Thought I'd share some of their photos to make you as jealous as I was/am...


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