I'm afraid I've got SO, SO MUCH university work to before Thursday that my posting will be absolutely minimal this week - which isn't a great start :(

On a happier note, I've just completed my third weekend at Selfridges, where I celeb spotted Rachel Stevens (of S Club 7 fame) who was my absolute idol when I was younger. My Mum took me to see S Club 7 (my first ever concert) for my eleventh birthday. I actually remember pretending to be S Club 7 in the school playground with my friends. Due to my blonde hair I was stuck being Hannah but Rachel was my fave and she continues to be so as she just seemed so normal - really relaxed and friendly towards people, I found it really refreshing that she wasn't absolutely tiny in real life, as every other female celeb I've met - Nicola Roberts in particular - has been beyond tiny.

My lovely colleague Sophie has encouraged me to do a re-cap of the last few months on here as they've been pretty eventful and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading about it :) I'll post it up as soon as I've completed all my assignments. Wish me luck...

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