Okay so there's 20% off at Selfridges until Sunday 27th! Eeek!
I was obliged to purchase quite a few Christmas gifts with this wonderful discount. It was soo so convenient shopping after my shiftas I've had no time to spare browsing ASOS - and despite the very, very tight budget I was working to, it all felt so very luxurious. I even treated myself to some £4 Selfridges biscuits which were totally worth stretching into my overdraft for.

I highly recommend that you all hurry down, the discount is just too tempting & 100% more than the standard student discount and available on concessions from
Michael Kors to American Apparel. Vouchers can be obtained by either following Selfridges on facebook or enquiring at the customer service desk. (*some concessions have a 10% discount and others -Jimmy Choo- are excluded from the offer.)

These are my bags...
(I'm sorry I can't actually show my purchases but my family, boy and friends will be snooping!)

I haven't actually found anything I truly like for Christmas this year, so far.
Except preposterously expensive items, which I think I prefer the idea of rather than the prospect of them: Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb is one of my absolute favourite fragrances, their candle smells incredible but I could never expect, or imagine anyone spending so much on a candle.

What's on your Christmas list?


  1. sooo jell that I have no money to take advantage too!!! x

  2. all I want for christmas is you love lucy your litle sister xxxx


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