I'm going to try and make this Instagram post a weekly feature on here (as long as I've taken enough photos to make a post). This is my final week in the UK before I leave for a month in Australia/New Zealand I'm super stressed at the moment trying to finalise assignments and prepare for my month away as best I can - final year definitely wasn't the best time for this trip. However, I'm SO beyond excited to be reunited with my Aunt, Uncle cousin and Godson I've not seen them since they emigrated to New Zealand in September last year :'(
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My Christmas Wish List post, my babe of a house mate treating me to a Cadbury's yoghurt to ease the essay pain, cat-sitting Flo, the most delish meal I've made this term, my favourite and now entirely used up Yankee Candle (Sandalwood Vanilla), a picture my best friend drew of me, sending out an obscene amount of internship applications *fingers crossed!*, my other house mate treating me to a Waitrose cupcake - I've been spoilt with treats this week and a post on my Current Favourite Hair Products. Please do comment links below to your (weekly) instagram posts as I love having a snoop and nose at what people have been up to :)


For probably the first time ever I'm actually pretty happy with my hair (although I'd truly love it if it decided to grown 8 inches over night), something I attribute wholly to the products I've been using. I thought I'd share my current favourites with you :) I've been using various Red Ken products for over 18 months now and totally credit both my hair growth and condition to them. Each of their ranges are specially formulated for various types and after flitting between their blonde glam range I've settled on a mixture of their All Soft and Extreme range. All Soft is formulated especially for dry, brittle hair enriched with Keratin, with its interlocking protein network delivering targeted care, sublime conditioning and surface protection. I use the All Soft Conditioner which instantly detangles and helps to leave hair feeling moisturised with intense softness, movement and healthy-looking shine. It retails at £13.40 and can be purchased at quality hairdressing salons and department stores. The Extreme range is fortified for sensitized hair, its ingredients include 18-MEA and ceramide, similar to the All Soft range it helps to deliver targeted care and protection. It's said to reduce breakages by up to 73%. I use the Extreme Shampoo (£11.85) which has to be used twice each wash. Used to cleanses your hair whilst gently fortifying damaged hair and providing a healthy shine. I also use the Extreme Anti-Snap (£19.40), a leave in treatment which provides heat protection, reduces split ends and the friction caused by brushing. I've recently began using their Colour Extend Radiant-10 spray after being sent a sample. It's made from a unique bi-layor which combines a lotion with a spray in order to deliver 10 benefits including nourishment and revival. Although I religiously use the above products and elect not to wash my hair when I can't use them (I've become such a hair snob) Philip Kingsley's Elazticiser - Pre Shampoo Treatment is my all time favourite hair product. It's usually quite expensive (£26.25) to purchase so I always buy some whenever it's available on buyapowa. It's my holy grail, desert island product: the results are instant and my hair just feels incredible after sleeping in it with the Philip Kingsley shower cap on (super sexy). To prolong my blonde colour between trips to the hairdressers I use a silver shampoo, my favourite at the moment is actually one from my hairdressers own brand: Paul Watts Hair called Brilliant Blonde. It removes/neutralises the brassy yellow tones in blonde hair, lightening roots and prolonging colour. However don't leave it on for too long as I accidentally turned my hair white grey when I first used it a couple of years ago - ooops! My favourite ever serums are John Frieda's Original Formula hair serum (£6.29) and the Thermal Protection Formula hair serum (£6.29) (which also protects hair against UV exposure). They basically do what all serums do, remove frizz and create a silky gloss but they're the best two I've used. The best protein spray I've used so far is the Label M one I was given in my Vogue Gift Bag at FNO. It's great at shielding hair from UV rays whilst increasing shine - a really difficult thing to achieve with blonde hair. Please do let me know what you're favourite products are and if there's any you'd recommend. *All the prices included within the post are what I paid for them when I purchased the products from Salons and Department Stores, I will in the future be re-purchasing them online but I personally prefer to be advised on a product (especially when they're significantly more expensive than drug store options).*


Despite there being a strict no present rule in my household this year (we're going on a huge family holiday instead), these are a few of the things I've been lusting after for quite a while. I haven't included many clothing items as because I'm heading to New Zealand I've been buying tees and shorts rather than trousers and leathers. Let me know what you think to my selection :) I do wish someone would totally spoil me with all these lovely things! Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb gift set: John Lewis £79.50 / YSL Lipstick in 111 Rouge Hellios: Selfridges - £23.50 MAC - eye shadow in Kid: MAC - £10.00 / Converse - white: ASOS - £40.00 Clinique - Moisture Surge Extreme Thirst: Clinique - £32.00 / Mulberry - Evelina Satchel in Black: Mulberry Outlet - £147.35 - BARGAIN - someone please buy me this beauty, I've lusted after it for months! ASOS - Amelia Boots with ankle fringing: ASOS - £28 £19.50 / Office - Leather Loafers: Office -£65 Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch - Cheap Smells: £19.95 / ASOS Trousers in Rose Jacquared: ASOS - £40.00 Moschino Love Bangle: ASOS - £80.00 / Yankee Candle Sandalwood Vanilla: ebay - £20.00 P.SIt's the final day of my blog giveaway so do make sure you've entered :)


Top: Blitz Vintage 
Skirt: Oasis

I've had the most boring weekend following my exciting Catwalk to Campus photo shoot on friday. I fly to Australia on saturday and have the most ridiculous amount of work to do before then so I've been shut in my room typing. It's soo cold I've had to put on a hat, scarf and gloves :( This is an outfit I wore the other Wednesday when my boy and I went to see Twilight, I don't know whether I just watched it in an odd mood but I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire film. I laughed so hard at the CGI baby and Edward and Bella's cringey sex talk that I had stomach pains. I'm totally sans make up in all the photos as I'm so low on all my beauty products I'm only using them when its absolutely necessary - I've been saving for the all the duty free's I'm going through next weekend :D I picked up this intricately embellished top about a month ago from Blitz Vintage in Shoreditch. It's so heavy but lovely, the beading is so perfect it looks like a print from afar. I've become slightly infatuated with vintage garments recently and have picked up an incredible black faux fur coat and a super cute floral skirt. After being in the same tube carriage as two other girls who were wearing the same coat as me I've been swayed into purchasing less mass produced items. Have you picked up any vintage finds recently? Or can you recommend any especially great vintage stores in London? P.S don't forget to enter my giveaway - there's only a day left to go before it closes!


Kindle: Tesco
Pleather case: Ebay

I finally succumbed and purchased a Kindle, after despising them since their release. I love actual books, actually seeing how much you've read rather than a percentage and the cover art. My dream, till this year, was to have an entire shelf of Penguin classics on display when you walked into my (dream) house. However since interning with the publishing house this dream was totally tarnished by how utterly unprofessional and horrendous the team I was working with were. I now have a broad collection of classics but sadly quite a disdain for the publisher. As I'm leaving for a 24 hour flight and a month in Australia/New Zealand a week today I felt this would be the most practical investment, as I'll be able to read all the novels on my reading list for next term and research for my dissertation without lugging bulky and heavy books about. I was really tempted by Tesco's £10 off offer for new customers which I saw through a Martin Lewis (megga babe) email, purchasing it through a cash back website also enabled me to get £5 cash back on my purchase: total bargain or what?! I went for the original 6" Amazon Kindle with wi-fi which I may already be slightly regretting as it doesn't have a back light or touch screen - using the buttons is already annoying me. I've already downloaded Victoria Coren, Caitlin Moran's works (as my Kobo app has totally messed up) and Great Expectations (I'm so excited for the film's release Miss Havisham is one of my all time favourite literary figures and Helena Bonham-Carter is just the most perfect actress to play her), please recommend any other novel's as after having my head in too many academic books I'm quite out the loop.
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