Top: Blitz Vintage 
Skirt: Oasis

I've had the most boring weekend following my exciting Catwalk to Campus photo shoot on friday. I fly to Australia on saturday and have the most ridiculous amount of work to do before then so I've been shut in my room typing. It's soo cold I've had to put on a hat, scarf and gloves :( This is an outfit I wore the other Wednesday when my boy and I went to see Twilight, I don't know whether I just watched it in an odd mood but I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire film. I laughed so hard at the CGI baby and Edward and Bella's cringey sex talk that I had stomach pains. I'm totally sans make up in all the photos as I'm so low on all my beauty products I'm only using them when its absolutely necessary - I've been saving for the all the duty free's I'm going through next weekend :D I picked up this intricately embellished top about a month ago from Blitz Vintage in Shoreditch. It's so heavy but lovely, the beading is so perfect it looks like a print from afar. I've become slightly infatuated with vintage garments recently and have picked up an incredible black faux fur coat and a super cute floral skirt. After being in the same tube carriage as two other girls who were wearing the same coat as me I've been swayed into purchasing less mass produced items. Have you picked up any vintage finds recently? Or can you recommend any especially great vintage stores in London? P.S don't forget to enter my giveaway - there's only a day left to go before it closes!


  1. wow I love your top, its so cool! I need to go to Shoreditch!
    love sally. x

  2. That top is wonderful and looks perfect teamed with the pleather skirt! I'm a vintage fiend, it's always great finding a vintage treasure that you know no one else will have!

    I've not yet seen Twilight, I'll probably wait until the DVD is out but I can only imagine just how much of a cringefest it is!

    1. It's so refreshing isn't it :) Haha please do let me know how much you laugh at it xxxx

  3. love this outfit babe,
    have fun in Australia :] xxxx


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