December Fashion Favourites:

Ending 2016 with five of things I've loved most this month...


What I Got For Christmas 2016:

I absolutely love watching people's 'what I got for Christmas' videos and thought I'd give you a little peek at some of the lovely little gifts I got this year...


16 Things I Learnt In 2016:

So on the whole 2016's been a pretty weird year for the world... with awful atrocities, awful news and awful deaths. 

However, on the whole it's been pretty peachy in parts for my loved ones and I. My boyfriend's brother and his lovely wife shared the news that they're expecting their second baby - eee! I got a new job on the absolute dreamiest of teams, managed to get back to LA and saw three lovely couples get married!

It's been a turbulent yet tremendous year to say the least and as it finally comes to an end, I thought I'd share 16 things I've learnt over the last twelve months with you...

1, Life is too short.
If you take anything from the many, many terribly tragic deaths of 2016 (rip Alan Rickman, Bowie & George Michael) it's how fragile and cruel life can be. Enjoy it and ensure that you don't take your loved ones for granted.

2, Disconnect more. 
Whilst it seems essential to always be online and connected actually spending time with real friends, in real life is more essential. Leaving my phone off/in my bag is a main resolution of mine for 2017.

3, Make the little things count as you can't control the big issues.
Most things are (sadly and frustratingly) out of your control (however much you may try) and you can sometimes only keep everything crossed and pray that the powers that be, or the people who can vote do. I struggled a lot (/still am/don't think I'll ever come to terms) with Brexit and Trump. Whilst these are just two things amongst a million and one other issues this year that have made me beyond anxious, they're (especially in the case of Trump) mostly out of my control. BUT, something like kindness isn't. Showing consideration and care for others are small things that can make a big difference.

4, Expect (and be prepared for) the unexpected.
Whether it's a lack of professional courtesy that has the potential to catch you off guard or an unexpected period. 2016, for me, was the year of the back up plan. 

5, Wear your freaking bikini, as regardless of whether you feel 'bikini ready' or not, you should always jump in the pool.

6,  Sometimes goodbye isn't always the end.
Reconnecting with a lost friend could be the best thing you two ever did.

7, Channel Alicia Florrick forever and always.
Sassy, self composed and assertive I learnt more from 6 seasons of The Good Wife than I ever did at school. It's an essential watch if, like me, you're forever being told 'you're too nice.'

8, Work isn't everything.
I learnt this in a major way this last year when I let one job entirely take over my life. Whilst it's great to have drive, determination and a good work ethic it's not all that fun to come home to an empty house exhausted every evening.

9, Say No (more, and don't feel bad).
I suffer with a terrible case of FOMO + anxiety + over thinking + overt politeness, which (used to) = me never saying no. I read something great this year that 'saying yes to others shouldn't mean saying no to yourself' - which is exactly what I was doing. Simply declining can be SO satisfying. 

10, Drink more water than you think you could possibly need to.
It truly does wondrous things for you.

11, 25 is (seemingly) an age where people think it's acceptable to ask 'so when are you getting engaged/married/having babies' ???
The older I get the further away an engagement, marriage, babies or simply owning a home feel. I'm absolutely nowhere near any of those 'milestones' yet and have a whole newfound sympathy for older friends who get pestered twice as often as me. It's not an acceptable topic of conversation, move on.

12, Not everyone will like you and that's okay.
You can't please all of the people all of the time,

13, Hangovers truly do worsen with age.
They weren't lying when they warned you - oh and alcohol shakes are a thing.

14, People change and friends aren't always the friends you think, hope or know them to be.
Life moves on and so will you.

15, It's totally okay to enjoy staying in more than you do going out.
Often/most of the time it's so much more fun.

16, Sheet masks are the best invention.
And one of the quickest feel-good fix-ups. 


13 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Her:

It's the penultimate day for last minute orders and if, like some people *cough* my boyfriend... you've left it just a little late then this gift guide for very, very last minute purchases is right up your street!

It's never too late to find the perfect present and thanks to the wonders of the internet it's never been easier to search, source and order anything and everything you fancy!

I'm not ashamed to say that it's taken all of my will power not to order everything from this dreamy little edit - as it basically became a late Christmas wish list for myself mid-way though. Oops!

I've got the cosiest cashmere socks, the cutest card holder, cosiest slippers and the must have lipstick (that's finally back in stock!) so shop buy and enjoy!!

Clockwise from top left: Cashmere Socks, Boden; Nightwear Robe, Topshop; Destiny Trim Loafers, Office; Credit Card Case, Aspinal of London at Very Exclusive; Striped V-Neck Tie-Sleeve Top, Marks & Spencer; Loving Candle, Bella Freud; Ruby Cashmere Jumper, Boden; Checked Scarf; Whistles; Velvet Bow Slippers, Boden; Kim K.W Hot Lips Lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury; Gabrielle Red Shoulder Bag, Lulu Guinness; Ambre Vanille Honey Bath, Laura Mercier

3 Christmas Day Outfit Options:

Eeee so Christmas Day is literally just a couple of days away and, as you can totally tell from my previous posts, I’m pretty excited. It’s definitely no secret that I properly love Christmas!

It’s been a pretty long, difficult year (mainly thanks to Brexit and Trump) so your merry Christmas Day outfit is a real opportunity to bring a little comfort and joy - mainly through wearing something that feels just as good as it looks.

As everyone in my family’s grown up our Christmas Day outfits have developed from super casual and super cosy to dressy. Dressing for a delish Christmas dinner and finding the right outfit has become something that my sister and I Whatsapp over now.

So I’ve put together a few looks to give you a little last minute inspo, as you can’t guarantee that you’ll be lucky enough to receive the right outfit that day (unless you’ve seriously prepped your boyf/fam in advance).

1, The Little Black Dress
Dress, River Island

Embellished with gold and black stars, this LBD is super versatile, with the right amount of sparkle and glitz to work for a dressy dinner with family and party games with your little cousins. An easy to wear throw-on-and-go style you can wear it with opaques and block heeled boots, heels or your new Christmas slippers.

2, The Classic Christmas Knit
Personalised Christmas Jumper, Primark - see more here!

If, like me, you love a novelty knit then there’s no better time to wear one than Christmas Day! My mum has acquired so many that I’m sure she’s got enough to wear a different style for everyday in December: cosy and snug the more ridiculous they are the more Christmas cheer they seem to bring! Pair yours with jeans for a dressed down look.

3. The Pleated Skirt

Shirt, Very; Skirt, Next; Patent Boots, Marks & Spencer 

Nothing shouts Christmas quite like this pleated green, glitter skirt from Next. It’s literally the most festive thing I’ve seen all season long. You can commit to Christmas day and team yours with a Christmas jumper – or, go for a fashion-friendly shirt or plain black knit. Opt for a style with an elasticated waist.

13 Things I Love Most About Christmas:

As you'll know from my previous post Christmas, to me is, truly 'the most wonderful time of the year’and while I sat wrapping the very last of my presents last night I kept thinking about how much I love Christmas – the older I get the more I think I’m almost dangerously close to turning into Buddie from Elf.

As I’ve lived away from homehome for the last few years, I always love going back to my hometown when it’s sparkly and full of old friends to properly catching up with everyone. Here’s the 13 things I love most.

1, Driving home in a car full of presents and party wear listening to 2 full hours of Christmas music and enjoying every single track (at least twice…). 

2, Curating a cheese board. It’s an art I’ve acquired over the years and one that I’m contemplating adding onto my CV.

3, Watching Christmas film after Christmas film whilst wrapping present after present. It’s totally okay to re-watch The Holiday twice in one night, right?

4, How much of a total treat it is to wake up each morning and open your advent calendar, counting down to Christmas with little square’s of Cadbury or beauty treats should absolutely be a year-round thing.

5, The simple joy of lighting a Christmas candle.

6, Always making a conscious effort to walk up and down the Christmas aisles of every store you visit on your weekly shops, from M&S to the Coop and just enjoying looking at the pretty Panettone, extra extra large Lindt options and cutesy Mince Pies offerings because Christmas.

7, Taking full advantage of it being impossible to be overdressed in December and wearing sequins to work on a Monday morning.

8, Eating Roses and Quality Street before 10am and not thinking it’s too early or worrying about the calories. Cals don’t count in December. 

9, Reading (and inevitably lol-ing over) the annual (obnoxiously boast-y) newsletter that one of your parents friends sends with their Christmas card each year – the one my parent’s recieve is a yearly highlight.

10, The joyful moment after everything’s been opened on Christmas day and the entire lounge floor is covered in mis-matched wrapping paper but noone’s rushing to recycle it as it’s something of pure beauty.

11, Being treated to a full fridge, actually ripe avocados and central heating at your parents house. I repeat the most wonderful time of the year.

12, The annual, inevitable argument my sister and I have with my boyfriend and brother over who’s cheating and helping themselves to the £500 notes from the bank whilst we play Monopoly. It’s always them.

13, Giving my Nanny too much Sherry as she’s the most fun person on Christmas day.

Tweet me and tell me what you love most...

Trending: Sequin Skirts

Ruffle top, Asos; Sequin Skirt, H&M; Bag, Me + Em

Glistening sequins that shimmer and sparkle have the festive season buzzing and the sequin skirt is the standout piece for events from now to New Years eve!

Forget your sequin dress, the most glamorous way to work sparkle into your winter wardrobe is with a mid-length sequinned style. Surprisingly versatile, it works as well with a lace cami and heels as it does with a chunky knit and trainers.

You can opt for classic safer shades or go all-out with bright lively pastel hues. There's an absolute tonne of options on the high street with everything from fitted pencil skirts to always flattering pleated styles. With such a great variety of cuts and colours the sequin skirt is now accessible and functional for daytime styling, with a hundred and one styling options (and inspirations) on pinterest (I created an entire pinterest board, as gosh these gals have such flawless style!)

Easy-to-wear this pink sequin skirt has fast becoming a staple in my festive wardrobe and I'm excited to take it home with me for winter drinks with old friends this Christmas.

Shop my edit of the sweetest styles from the high street below...




21 Things That Give You An Instant Festive Cheer:

So I popped home last weekend to watch my little sister sing in her carol concert and put up the tree with my family and I haven’t been able to stop humming along to ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year…’ since.

Festive cheer has hit me a lot earlier than usual this year and I’m really feeling so Christmas-sy which is quite unusual for me as I normally only get into the spirit of it on Boxing Day – which is a little too late.

If you haven’t found your cheer yet, then there is absolutely still lots of time and, to give you a helping hand I’ve compiled a little list of bits to get you in the seasonal spirit…

1, Pop on a Christmas jumper, it maybe a little early but nothing gets you feeling the cheer quite like a novelty knit - shop my favourites here! 

2, Have a glass of mulled wine even if, like me, you hate mulled wine. The warm, spicy smell you’ve grown to associate with Christmas markets and Winter Wonderland will soon get you feeling merry (especially after a couple of glasses)!

3, Go ice-skating. If you’re in London pop to the Natural History Museum or Somerset House and go Ice Skating with some friends. Irrespective of your skating capabilities you’re bound to have so much fun. The Natural History museum where Swarovski have decorated the tree, there’s a carousel and even a cosy bar overlooking the rink serving mince pies and mulled wine.

4,  Go window-shopping. Department stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Liberty are internationally renowned for their iconic window displays. The two Christmases I worked for Selfridges were definitely the years I felt most festive as an adult: ballerinas, brass bands and elves visited each floor putting on wonderful performances. If you're in London be sure to check out the Christmas lights adorning key touristy areas like New Bond St, Carnaby Street and Regent Street are all beautifully lit up.
5, Give to a homeless person. Nothing breaks my heart quite like seeing a homeless person on their own on a freezing cold winter’s night, so whether you can only spare a pound, a sandwich or a hot drink it’ll absolutely be appreciated. With so much focus around buying presents and purchasing new things, it’s quite nice to be reminded of the little things you can do that make a big difference.

6, Have a Mariah moment and sing along to ‘All I want for Christmas…’ in the car/shower/whilst washing up.

7, Treat yourself to a festive drink in one of those oh-so instagrammable red cups and say yes to cream for once – you deserve it.

8, If you haven’t got a tree already you’re absolutely not too late. Pop and get one and then decorate it, picking your own theme (however mismatched it ends up being), baubles and lights is one of the real perks of being an actual grown up.

9, Pop on some BublĂ©, make a hot chocolate and wrap all of you Christmas gifts up. Settle down with all your glitter tape, cute parcel paper, ribbon/string and enjoy wrapping – it’s pretty satisfying to get it all out of the way before Christmas eve.

10, If you're outside of London go for a drive, when I was younger my Mum would take us all out to see the best Christmas light displays around our local area, and often the county. Nothing says Christmas quite like an over the top display of lights and singing Santa decorations.

11, Watch your favourite Christmas films, one after the other. We did this last weekend and I'm sure we'll be spending Sunday wrapping presents whilst watching Elf for the thousandth time. If Buddy can't get you into the holiday spirit try Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street.

12, Treat yourself to a festive manicure. Whether that means all out glitter and glitz or a classic autumnal shade, there’s a lot of events, parties and functions between now and Christmas and a cheeky shellac will see you through.

13, Invest in some cosy, cheap and cheerful Christmas pj’s from Primark. Noone does festive pyjamas quite like them. Maybe get some festive bedding or socks whilst you’re in-store too because, why not!

14, Go all-out with fairy lights. Drape them around your bed, across your lounge and along your kitchen window ledge because twinkly fairy lights make everywhere (even the smallest saddest rooms in rented flats) feel snug, cosy and festive.

15, Light a festive candle, and settle down to watch a Christmas film on Netflix. Firm favourites of mine are literally ALL of The WhiteCompany’s dreamy offering's, Neom's Christmas Wish and Yankee’s ‘Christmas Cookie.’

16, Reach out to old friends you may have not seen as much as you’d hoped this Christmas, plan (and do) drinks of dinner. There’s no better time to reconnect with loved ones than Christmas.

17, Play all the games. ALL of them. Christmas is not Christmas without playing all of the games by the fire.

18, Treat yourself to a tin of Roses each time you pop and do your weekly shop because having chocolates for breakfast is only really ever acceptable in December.

19, Slowly switch off and give yourself a little break, if you haven’t made it to the gym as much as you’d hoped to, don’t worry – that’s what January is for! Give yourself some ‘you’ time and enjoy it!

20, Finally make some ridiculous Camembert bread dish that you’ve seen whipped up in one of those foodie facebook videos. Calories totally don’t count in December.

21, Make yourself the most Christmas-sy of playlists for your drive home for Christmas – I’ve already got my boyfriend working on ours! Blaring out The Pogues whilst driving up the M1 is pure festive feels.

Christmas Gift Guide - 6 Fragrances For Her:

Fragrances are a perfect, timeless Christmas gift. I still remember un-boxing my first ‘grown-up’ perfume (Vera Wang’s Princess – obvs) even though it was many, (many) Christmases ago and always add one that I’ve been lusting after all year to my Christmas wish list.

This year I’ve been pretty lucky and have accumulated a lovely little selection of fragrances well before Christmas, so I thought I’d share my six most beloved scents. Some new, and some classics - but each are sure to make a loved one very happy come Christmas Day.

Bright, vibrant and totally modern Stella McCartney’s latest fragrance is fresh and fruity: with floral undertones that totally take you back to long warm summer days (and nights)!

Totally reinventing the classic tuberose flower for a younger, fresher fragrance POP is vibrant yet understated. Through mixing in and combining Sandalwood and Cedarwood musks a deliciously fun fragrance is created, with top notes of tomato leaves and green mandarin, and heart notes of violet it’s a pretty punchy perfume.

POP comes in the prettiest, powerful pink glass bottle with metallic branding that’s made for dressing tables (and instagram)!

Fronted by Kate Moss, Charlotte Tilbury’s debut fragrance is the perfume for a party season girl. With fruity top notes of lemon and peach mixed with black pepper, and floral heart notes it’s surprisingly seductive.

It doesn’t quite sit right for me to wear as an everyday option due to its flirty floral notes, but it’s such a treat to wear at night. The elegantly ornate glass bottle, reminds me of the glamorous vintage perfumes that you’d see in old movies and brings a (very welcomed) little bit of Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood glamour to my tiny flat.

Charming, playful and available in a handy 20ml size that’ll fit in even the smallest of cross-body bags Prada’s Candy makes the sweetest of gifts.

Candy’s base that warms to a gourmand, with white musk and caramel with delicate fresh Italian citrus with floral notes and a sweet pea heart it’s such a great daytime perfume.

The ultimate cosy winter fragrance it makes you either want to snuggle up by the fire with your loved one, or head out on a flirty night out. It’s modern, fruity and floral without being frilly or too girly.

With Tuberose Absolute at the heart, entwined with notes of Neroli, Rose de Mai and Jasmine plus Patchouli, Moss and Black Musk for deeper base notes – Close to My Heart is the most sophisticated, richly romantic offering.

Inspired by the brands iconic bamboo bag and accessories this is the fragrance that people tend to ask me ‘what are you wearing’ most when I wear it.

With a mix of Casablanca Lily, Tahitian Vanilla and Grey Amber cords Bamboo is fresh, musky and warm, with woody vibes that are rich yet feminine. Although it launched in early autumn last year it’s a light enough perfume to carry though from a bright and fun summer to a cold and dark winter.

This iconic, classic fruity and floral fragrance is my ultimate go-to for an important day or exciting date night. Soft, fresh and full of fun it’s a fragrance that I can’t ever imagine leaving my perfume roster.

The smoothness of White Musk mixed with soft Jasmine and fruity Grapefruit-Quine is totally dreamy – it’s a romantic, yet understated option that works easily for both day and night.


2016's Best Christmas Jumpers:

Jumper, Primark

Nothing says novelty quite like a Christmas jumper. With #ChristmasJumperDay coming up this Friday all talk in the office has revolved around finding the most ridiculous of jumpers and the most impressive novelty knits people have spotted over the last month. I love a bold, fun knit and think that theres absolutely no better time to go all-out than at Christmas, when you can literally put-on some festive cheer.

Last year I was obsessed with this understated, yet sparkly Warehouse knit but this year I’ve gone for a bolder and brighter option (as you can tell…). Those of you who’ve already seen my December Primark Haul (full of the most festive festivities) will already be familiar with this fun little Christmas Jumper. An already bold intarsia knit, complete with candy cane heart and velcro tab which you can (of course!) personalise with multi-coloured letters and hashtags. What more could you possibly want from a jumper!?

I wore mine over the weekend and felt oh so festive. While we’ve still got a couple of weeks to go before the big day I always find that a Christmas knit instantly helps me get into the festive spirit. I think this knit, especially is SO great to give to a grumpy relative to wear come Christmas day as it’s certain to cheer up even the grouchiest, Grinch-iest members of your family

Whether you’re into a more traditional Fair Isle knit, or prefer your Christmas jumper to be adorned with bells, whistles, puddings, gingerbread houses and candy cane’s there’s literally something for everyone in my little edit.

I’ve rounded up an assortment of the most fun, and reasonably priced, options on the high street. Even if you only chuck yours on for Christmas Jumper Day or, wear one each and every day in the lead up to Christmas Day there’s an option for all and every occasion.

If you opt for an all-out style, with flashing Christmas tree bulbs and singing Santa’s, keep the rest of your look quite paired back. Last year I wore a sequined bauble style Christmas Jumper over a white shirt with jeans and ankle boots and I’m probably going to opt for the same this winter – classic and fuss-free it’s a way of committing to Christmas cheer without going too OTT.

I’ll be wearing this fun knit to work on Friday, layered over a white shirt with mid-wash jeans and tonal accessories to fully embrace the festive fun that a merry Christmas Jumper brings.

Shop my favourite (and cosiest) Christmas jumpers here...

Cosy Cosmic Jumpers:

Slogan Knit:

Festive Fun:

Trending: Red Ankle Boots

Coat, Zara; Shirt, Marks & Spencer; Jeans, Bershka; Lips Tote Bag, Lulu Guinness; Maggie Boots, Topshop

So as those of you who have been reading my little blog for a while will have noticed, I have a real ankle boot problem. I just love a block heeled boot - especially this season's red-hot red styles.

Up to this year I've exclusively only opted for classic black styles to keep my cost-per-wear as low as possible. However, since majorly falling for Office's White 'Jazz Hands' ankle boots (now on sale, here) back at the start of the year I've fully embraced bright, statement styles - even dedicating a post to my fave styles for spring.

No longer restricting myself to black options was one thing but wearing a vibrant red style was a whole other thing. I know I'm a little late to the party, as I was unsure how I'd introduce them into my weekday/weekend wardrobe, but I'm glad I finally joined it. Like everyone else on insta I'd seen everyone (and their mothers) in red boots and by the end of yet another week of scrolling through 'red boots on influencers' I crumbled and purchased the most festive of styles.

Vibrant, rich and red with a 'flared block heel' the Maggie style is a total dream and I have both the blush pink and black suede styles very firmly on my Christmas wish list. It's as though they were made to elevate effortless everyday outfits - making a simple jumper, jeans and coat look so much more.

Shop six of my favourite red ankle boots below...
Clockwise from top left: Red Suedette Heeled Boots, £20.99, New Look; Red Chelsea Boots, £110, Miista; Maggie Boots, £75, Topshop; Red Patent Boots, £55.99, Zara; Lucky Charm Studded Red Boots, £85, Office; Red Bow Boots, £85, Zara


December Primark Haul:

Soz this is a little late going up, it's been a rather mad old week. 

I took a little trip to the new Primark on Tottenham Court Road to stock up on all things festive - expect party wear, wrapping paper and (of course) Primark's iconic Christmas jumpers!



November Fashion Favourites:

The five things I've loved the most this month...



Win this Zara bag!

As an early little Christmas treat I'm giving away a lovely little red bag, watch my haul below to see how you can win!


Trending: The Velvet Dress

Fit & Flare Velvet Dress, Marks & Spencer; Rollneck, Zara; Maggie Boots, Topshop

The fabric of the festive season, velvet made a huge impact on the AW16 catwalks. No longer restricted to dark, but rich, romantic shades bright hues were a huge talking point. Vibrant shades of velvet were used in everything from boots to bags.

Those of you who've been reading my blog for a little while now will know of my absolute love for all things velvet, including the most amazing Asos top which combines plush pink velvet with ruffles and frills - absolute heaven. 

With Valentino’s dreamy dress becoming a huge inspiration for the high street with everywhere from Urban Outfitters to trusty old M&S created affordable, yet luxe options of their original velvet style. 

Suitable for both day and night a classic velvet dress gives you endless styling options. Reference the Valentino show styling by wearing your velvet dress over a rollneck for the office, removing the knit for night time. 

Shop my favourite new-in styles below...
Clockwise from top left: Plisse Wrap Dress, £38, Topshop; Gold Velvet Midi-Dress, £59, Sparkle & Fade; Low Back Skater Dress, £32, Topshop; Crushed Velvet Bardot Dress, £35, River Island; Anneka Velvet Dress, £79.95, Joules; Velvet Mini Pini, £40, Topshop; Amelie Velvet Dress, £129, Boden; Cutie Pie Velvet Dress, £42, Asos


Seven Sequin Dresses To Get You Party Ready:

Sequin Dress, £45, Asos; Faux Fur Coat, £275, Whistles

So December’s actually here, bringing with it all of the tinsel trimmings, sequins and glitz that I love! The all-out glitter and glam of sequin dresses, can often feel a little bit too much when worn on the wrong side of November, but instantly feel festive and fun once December arrives.

I filmed a little winter occasionwear lookbook for my YouTube channel (come say hi!) where you can see this lovely glitzy style in all of it's glory!

A lovely way to add a little sparkle to your everyday look, sequins can really lift any outfit. No longer restricted to nights out, sequins work so well alongside classic staples. Simple options like adding an embellished roll-neck to jeans and ankle boots, or teaming a sequin skirt with a chunky roll-neck knit are easy ways to introduce night time glam to daytime outfits.

Sequin dresses are the ultimate versatile piece, giving you the option to layer under knits, or over roll-necks – giving you a great cost-per-wear ratio and letting you go from desk-to-dinner with utter ease.

Shop a few of my favourite new-in sequinned styles…
Embroidered Bead Maxi Dress, £160, Topshop; Star Sequin Dress, £84, £120, Reclaimed Vintage; Bird Plunge Dress,  £150, Topshop; Sequin Cold Shoulder Dress, £69 £45, Topshop; Sequin Mini Dress, £69, Urban Outfitters; Pearl Cluster Dress, £100, Asos; Nora Open Back Dress, £35, Boohoo; Star High Neck Dress, £125, Topshop; Large Sequin Dress, £89, Sparkle & Fade 
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