13 Things I Love Most About Christmas:

As you'll know from my previous post Christmas, to me is, truly 'the most wonderful time of the year’and while I sat wrapping the very last of my presents last night I kept thinking about how much I love Christmas – the older I get the more I think I’m almost dangerously close to turning into Buddie from Elf.

As I’ve lived away from homehome for the last few years, I always love going back to my hometown when it’s sparkly and full of old friends to properly catching up with everyone. Here’s the 13 things I love most.

1, Driving home in a car full of presents and party wear listening to 2 full hours of Christmas music and enjoying every single track (at least twice…). 

2, Curating a cheese board. It’s an art I’ve acquired over the years and one that I’m contemplating adding onto my CV.

3, Watching Christmas film after Christmas film whilst wrapping present after present. It’s totally okay to re-watch The Holiday twice in one night, right?

4, How much of a total treat it is to wake up each morning and open your advent calendar, counting down to Christmas with little square’s of Cadbury or beauty treats should absolutely be a year-round thing.

5, The simple joy of lighting a Christmas candle.

6, Always making a conscious effort to walk up and down the Christmas aisles of every store you visit on your weekly shops, from M&S to the Coop and just enjoying looking at the pretty Panettone, extra extra large Lindt options and cutesy Mince Pies offerings because Christmas.

7, Taking full advantage of it being impossible to be overdressed in December and wearing sequins to work on a Monday morning.

8, Eating Roses and Quality Street before 10am and not thinking it’s too early or worrying about the calories. Cals don’t count in December. 

9, Reading (and inevitably lol-ing over) the annual (obnoxiously boast-y) newsletter that one of your parents friends sends with their Christmas card each year – the one my parent’s recieve is a yearly highlight.

10, The joyful moment after everything’s been opened on Christmas day and the entire lounge floor is covered in mis-matched wrapping paper but noone’s rushing to recycle it as it’s something of pure beauty.

11, Being treated to a full fridge, actually ripe avocados and central heating at your parents house. I repeat the most wonderful time of the year.

12, The annual, inevitable argument my sister and I have with my boyfriend and brother over who’s cheating and helping themselves to the £500 notes from the bank whilst we play Monopoly. It’s always them.

13, Giving my Nanny too much Sherry as she’s the most fun person on Christmas day.

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