16 Things I Learnt In 2016:

So on the whole 2016's been a pretty weird year for the world... with awful atrocities, awful news and awful deaths. 

However, on the whole it's been pretty peachy in parts for my loved ones and I. My boyfriend's brother and his lovely wife shared the news that they're expecting their second baby - eee! I got a new job on the absolute dreamiest of teams, managed to get back to LA and saw three lovely couples get married!

It's been a turbulent yet tremendous year to say the least and as it finally comes to an end, I thought I'd share 16 things I've learnt over the last twelve months with you...

1, Life is too short.
If you take anything from the many, many terribly tragic deaths of 2016 (rip Alan Rickman, Bowie & George Michael) it's how fragile and cruel life can be. Enjoy it and ensure that you don't take your loved ones for granted.

2, Disconnect more. 
Whilst it seems essential to always be online and connected actually spending time with real friends, in real life is more essential. Leaving my phone off/in my bag is a main resolution of mine for 2017.

3, Make the little things count as you can't control the big issues.
Most things are (sadly and frustratingly) out of your control (however much you may try) and you can sometimes only keep everything crossed and pray that the powers that be, or the people who can vote do. I struggled a lot (/still am/don't think I'll ever come to terms) with Brexit and Trump. Whilst these are just two things amongst a million and one other issues this year that have made me beyond anxious, they're (especially in the case of Trump) mostly out of my control. BUT, something like kindness isn't. Showing consideration and care for others are small things that can make a big difference.

4, Expect (and be prepared for) the unexpected.
Whether it's a lack of professional courtesy that has the potential to catch you off guard or an unexpected period. 2016, for me, was the year of the back up plan. 

5, Wear your freaking bikini, as regardless of whether you feel 'bikini ready' or not, you should always jump in the pool.

6,  Sometimes goodbye isn't always the end.
Reconnecting with a lost friend could be the best thing you two ever did.

7, Channel Alicia Florrick forever and always.
Sassy, self composed and assertive I learnt more from 6 seasons of The Good Wife than I ever did at school. It's an essential watch if, like me, you're forever being told 'you're too nice.'

8, Work isn't everything.
I learnt this in a major way this last year when I let one job entirely take over my life. Whilst it's great to have drive, determination and a good work ethic it's not all that fun to come home to an empty house exhausted every evening.

9, Say No (more, and don't feel bad).
I suffer with a terrible case of FOMO + anxiety + over thinking + overt politeness, which (used to) = me never saying no. I read something great this year that 'saying yes to others shouldn't mean saying no to yourself' - which is exactly what I was doing. Simply declining can be SO satisfying. 

10, Drink more water than you think you could possibly need to.
It truly does wondrous things for you.

11, 25 is (seemingly) an age where people think it's acceptable to ask 'so when are you getting engaged/married/having babies' ???
The older I get the further away an engagement, marriage, babies or simply owning a home feel. I'm absolutely nowhere near any of those 'milestones' yet and have a whole newfound sympathy for older friends who get pestered twice as often as me. It's not an acceptable topic of conversation, move on.

12, Not everyone will like you and that's okay.
You can't please all of the people all of the time,

13, Hangovers truly do worsen with age.
They weren't lying when they warned you - oh and alcohol shakes are a thing.

14, People change and friends aren't always the friends you think, hope or know them to be.
Life moves on and so will you.

15, It's totally okay to enjoy staying in more than you do going out.
Often/most of the time it's so much more fun.

16, Sheet masks are the best invention.
And one of the quickest feel-good fix-ups. 



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