My year in review


I've never reviewed my year before, but 2015 has been pretty great so I thought if I was to start summarising years, this would be the one to start with.

I can't quite believe how much I've achieved this year and while I'm still working on and chasing dreams in other areas I'm pretty satisfied with how this one is ending.

Top five highlights:

1, Finally getting a job job. After YEARS, and I mean years of assisting, freelancing and interning I was offered a real job on the dreamiest team at the dreamiest publication.

2, Securing the job enabled Tyler and I to finally go on our American adventure. We had the absolute best time visiting and catching up with all of our american friends from University. I fell completely in love with everything about LA and have spent every single day since we returned thinking of ways to get back out there.

3, I stopped commuting to London and moved in with Tyler and my dearest uni friend Lucy which is so much fun. I love our little home and am looking forward to more adventures in the new year.

4, Tyler's brother and his fiancé got engaged and had their first baby, Asha on the day we returned from America. She's the most perfectly precious peach and has provided me a constant motivation as each month I'm reminded of how long it's been since we were in America.

5, I started testing at the end of the year, I learnt SO much on my first shoot and it's something I'm aspiring to do at least once a month in the new year. You can see my party wear shoot here.

2015 in numbers:

2: Go's on the Shark Slide in The Golden Nugget Hotel, Vegas
4: Flights I've taken since January
9: The number of states I visited in America
54: Blog posts posted since re-launching my blog in mid-September
100: The number of miles I drove from Nevada to California
265: Instagram pictures uploaded
800: Followers I reached on Instagram (come say hi I'm SarahRoseGoes)

In 2015 I discovered:

In 'n' Out Burger - their double-double protein-style burger is a real game changer.

Charlotte Tilbury's make up range and my favourite ever lipstick (Lost Cherry, fyi.)

America - not literally, but I've dreamed of going there my whole life. It was even more than I could have ever imagined and I can't wait to get back out there.

Bieber, yes I was very late to the party but I'm now a fully converted Belieber.

Personal highlights:

Being reunited with my dearest American friends after five years apart <3

Celebrating 4th July on Santa Monica beach.

Spending my 24th birthday on the road to Nashville, with non-stop country radio, Cheetos and grape Fanta.

Swimming with Dolphins in San Diego.

Assisting on so many amazing shoots this year with such talented teams. I can't wait to be involved in more in the new year.

Tyler and I celebrated six years together in September which seems like a totally absurd amount of time when you say it aloud. I'm really excited to see what 2016 has in store for us.

Five Things to look forward to in 2016:

1, Weddings. I've never been to a wedding and in May I'll be attending two within three days. Expect lots of 'What to wear to a wedding' posts in the new year!

2, My maternity contract ends at the end of the summer and I'm excited to see what I'll do next.

3, Seeing what test shoots I do and where they take me.

4, I'm aiming to finally finish editing and uploading our American Vlogs before the new year, I got a little too attached to the footage and its taken SO much longer than I expected to get them uploaded. My normal fashion videos will resume in January, I've got lots planned and can't wait to share them with you. Ensure you're subscribed to my channel :)

5, I'm reallllllly keen to learn calligraphy. I got a wonderful little set from my Grandparents for Christmas and I'm looking forward to trying to teach myself how to do it.

Thank you so much for all of your support with my blog this year, it had been so neglected until September and I've had such fun getting back into blogging and creating content. Do let me know if there's anything you'd really like to see in 2016...more travel? fashion? beauty? More/less vlogs?


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