The suede trench

Suede Coat, £250, Topshop; Roll neck Sweater, £39.99, Zara; Leigh Jeans, £38, Topshop;
Betty snake-effect Boots, £38, Topshop

So it's Christmas eve's eve and I've totally fallen for and naughtily treated myself to a totally unnecessary tan suede coat. Of course I have, the compulsive shopper in me will never ever be sensible.

2015 has undoubtedly been one of the best years of my life, I secured my first real-life and finally got to visit my dearest friends in America, so despite the abysmal state of my bank account, I bought it. Sometimes I think those spontaneous purchases are filled with huge amounts of regret but I'm hoping that this one wont be, fingers crossed.

I hope you all have a really wonderful Christmas, my last post of 2015 will be going live tomorrow and then in 2016 my new YouTube channel will be up and running and this suede coat and I will be back on my blog. See you then :)

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