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.I never used to have an issue with sleeping; however since starting university last year my entire sleeping pattern has been irrevocably messed up. I find it easier to stay up till 6am working than falling asleep at 10pm and getting up at 8am. I try my absolute hardest and Karms doesn't even work for me anymore. It's really quite funny as, when I actually go out, I start feeling really, really sleepy at 2. The worst thing is knowing I'm working a nine hour shift tomorrow (well today) and the next day and the next day...and then it's back to uni...I will must be ok in the morning.
.Le Matin is French for Morning: thought I could at least learn something in relation to my future whilst awake at this untimely hour.


  1. Oh god you were up even later than us and we went out last night! I hardly got to bed before 3 last semester, but this semester I'm determined to always be in before before 12:30 (last night doesn't count) x

  2. This totally happened to me! I could never sleep at uni, it got to the point where I couldn't even drag myself in to lectures or do my work. It was awful. PS your blog is so cutee I love it! xx


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