Okay something happened this evening, after falling in complete love with the Large Mulberry Evelina Satchel last week, and all over again on my lunch today I had to share its beauty with my flatmate and besty when I returned home this evening. (Its so refreshing to have a realistic perspective once you've been surrounded by high end brands. I sometimes forget that my actual bank balance is considerably less than I'd like it to be and I'm very thankful for Luce and my boyfriend for reminding me that at present splashing out on a £900 bag isn't remotely realistic - I'd be homeless and starving.) However we stumbled across the ostrich version of the Evelina accidentally....oh gosh it's awful. We were initially confused by the ostrich element of the name. I said maybe it's actually real ostrich skin, she laughed at me, we googled and yes to both of our disgust it is actual ostrich. Real ostrich skin, unbeknown to us its renowned for its distinctive pattern of bumps - which are vacant quill follicles, a nicer way of saying gross enlarged pores YUCK. The production process is intricate and specialised resulting in the high cost. The black normal leather version I LOVE is £895 and the ostrich is £4,000. Yes that many 0's! Simply for value purposes you could buy four black leather Evelina's to one repulsive ostrich one - or eight of the brand new Ted Baker __it's nowhere online I'm going to take a photo tomorrow and discover it's name :)__ bag. After googling Ostrich Leather and zooming in on the Evelina I have to say I'm really repulsed. Yeah it's a beautiful bag but I wouldn't feel comfortable carrying something of that material or value - I'm a very forgetful girl.
Were you all aware of Ostrich bags? Do you think they're as gross and overrated as Lucy and I do?

Images from Mulberry.com


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