I'm in quite an essay rut and have decided to take a break and finally use the nail stickers from my first Glossybox. I'd been saving them for something - not entirely sure what -
but they've definitely assisted my horrible essay head.
I've not posted for quite some time as I've been so so busy commuting whilst at home for Christmas to London, it's all paid off as I'm no longer a temp - woooo! So so happy - although this still doesn't mean I'm able to get a proper nights sleep. I've never had so little time to do so much.

This is the first time I've used nail stickers and they're nothing like I expected.
Very sticky, oddly sized and although they've made me happier whilst I'm typing away. I'm just not too optimistic about what they'll look like in daylight tomorrow morning.


What do you think - to both my nails and your experience's of sticky nails? I'm slightly intrigued to try Myleene Klass' range, any recommendations?

In daylight the white sticky back is quite evident, they subsequently appear quite tacky if looked at for either too long or up (really) close. However the white spots detract away from this and compliment the style. I would advise against choosing a set of a completely dark style as the white sticky back is pretty prominent. I am still in an essay rut and this attempt to remove me from it has seemingly distracted me further. I'll let you know how long they last and whether they're able to last a 9 hour shift in a shoe's hoping!

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