Thought I'd continue with the book theme from yesterday as I've had a horribly mehh day: I feel really lethargic and just totally exhausted. These five lovely books have really brightened my day and motivated me through my mehhhhh-ness - yay!

I've been exploring entrepreneurial ideas over the last few months and my bff and old housemate kindly brought me the latter two as a leaving gift when we moved out of our shared house this summer to assist me in advance them further. Both are simply fantastic: The Start Up Kit is really accessible providing "everything you need to start a small business" and genuinely useful links and support with £500+ offers for websites and support. Whilst Coming Up Roses is the story of Cath Kidston's business documenting her start up, the early years and how to get started. They're both truly inspiring and have greatly assisted my own plans.

There's no real need to say anything on Blog Inc as everyone I know whose got a blog has already read it. It's useful but nowhere near as helpful as I expected it to be.

The other two are super cute. I picked up the Lovely Things... book in the Boots sale when I first moved to London, as it seemed very apt, and devoured it. I'm a very creative person and have almost made everything in the book :) Jam packed with top tips for DIY projects that are seasonally categorised it's definitely a must for every DIY loving fashion girl. The Everything's Going to be Okay is just the cutest thing, possibly ever. So much so that I even picked up the card set in the UO sale. It's full of inspirational, lovey-dovey and clever illustrations as well as photography, a few of my fave's are below:

I'm a Literature graduate, so of course adore books of almost every topic and style (especially the super cute ones) 
do you have any business, blogging or adorable book recommendations? 



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