OOTD: Fashion Internship #Day 4 feat. Rufus Hound and Spencer Matthews

Today I met the especially lovely comedian and film star Rufus Hound and awfully endearing Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea/The Bachelor - which was super exciting!

I didn't manage to take any photos of my outfit but I wore I'm afraid but you can kind of see it in these pictures (Top: Zara, Jersey: Zara, Skirt: Topshop (sale) and my lovely white Vans) and I thought featuring someone else with me would be a lovely change and fab as I get so, so embarrassed, nervous and self conscious when anyone takes my photo - I have no clue why I elected to do so when I created this blog tbh!

Ive had an utter nightmare with the Internet in my house tonight do I apologise for the delay - I've actually resorted to posting this on my iPhone as the Internet is just so infuriating!!

I'm meant to be getting an early night - off to the Olympics crazy early tomorrow!! Hope you guys have a lovely weekend and make sure you check out tomorrow's post on what I thought, who I saw and how it was :)

*I uploaded this on my phone last night and don't quite know what went wrong :( - sorry!*

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