Dress: Primark
Shoes: Topshop

Yesterday (Wednesday)I bumped into one of the fashion presenters who films in the studio I'm working in wearing this dress. I was instantly besotted with it and mentioned to her how lovely it was - she said she stumbled across it in Primark (yes - seriously!) that morning. It looks so much more luxurious than Primark (one of the best things about Primark - if you can be bothered with the swarms of people buying cheap crap - I was stuck behind a lady who filled two very large suitcases with stuff that a blind man would refuse to wear! Anyway as soon as I'd finished that day I dashed to Primark in Stratford Westfield to grab this beautiful bargain for £10.

The beautiful presenter is very slender and showed me the tag on hers (which was a 14) so I (a usual 8-10 in Primark bits) purchased the same size as I'd be very content if I looked half as good as she did in hers as it hung in a A-Line Twiggy-esque manner. I'm only mentioning the sizing as a reference as the changing room queues are so unbearable I never actually try anything on in store and always go by what I know people of a similar size to me wear (thought it may be helpful if you, like me, never try your items on :D)

What do you think to the dress? Have you purchased anything from Primark recently that you were especially impressed with? Please do link me to any outfit posts featuring it :) I received a lot of compliments (from those who'd not seen the other presenter wearing it (ha!) everyone was astounded when I said it was from Primark. Today was my penultimate day :( I'm SO, so desperately sad to be leaving tomorrow and cannot wait to return.


  1. I love your dress! Primark has a few gems if you can be arsed to look, I bought a LUSH geometric bodycon midi there at the beginning of the summer :)Have fun on your last day babe

    F X


    1. Thank you! Ah that sounds lovely, although I'm avoiding anything too bodycon until I've joined a gym! xx

  2. I can't believe this dress is from Primark!! its perfect and looks great on you :)

    Jo. x

  3. Looking good Sarah :-)
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