Dress (worn as top): Primarak
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: ASOS

*for some reason this post failed to upload - possibly due to my horrendous internet connection: my boyfriend is utterly dismayed that I currently receive 2mb or something whereas the average UK home gets 10 and he gets 60 (show off). It is diabolical and beyond frustrating. I've also only just got home from work (after my internship) so both of these posts as it's past midnight will come up with Friday's date instead of yesterday's (Wednesday) and today's (Thursday) so please bear with me.

This is basically my OOTN #1 my outfits have been significantly less exciting than I'd planned as I wasn't expecting to start back at my old job last weekend (I'd only gone into collect my old wage slips). I was therefore unable to go home and grab more bits as I'd only had limited space when I moved bits into my new home.

I had a pretty busy day (on wednesday) prepping for the shoot on Thursday. The Fashion Producer's asked me to go back in next week - YAYAYAAYAY - to assist on some shoots which has made my friday departure so much more bearable. This has been without doubt my favourite internship and without her invitation back I'd have definitely ended up crying when I got home on friday eve :( Everyone there is just so lovely - I've had the best time :)

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