Skirt: Marni at H&M
Shoes: Toshop

I'm in a complete rut at the moment with my clothes - I'm totally bored of my entire wardrobe and desperately want a huge overhaul of everything as my stuff is just so bland. More bits will inevitably appear on ebay once I return home. I think it may be due to being back in London where everyone is so innovative and creative and working with some super stylish ladies but meeh my wardrobe is such a complete snore. I need a new direction asapp - and overhaul of this blog. Too much to do.

This is what I wore for day five of my internship - so sad I've only got a few more days to go! It's literally one of the nicest places I've ever worked at. Everyone is so so friendly and there's such a lovely team ethos. We've got a busy day tomorrow so I'm off to sleep - I stayed up super late after my first 9 hour shift at work yesterday to watch the closing ceremony! What did you guys think to it? Emili Sande (cba to even spell her name right) was EVERYWHERE - yet a-bloody-gain, I simply cannot comprehend WHY she monopolised both ceremonies as there are thousands of super talented musicians who really deserved this platform.

I met some fab people today - do check them out on instagram (I'm @sarahrosegoes) Hope you're not all feeling too deflated - I am :( The Olympics has left the biggest void in my life - I CANNOT wait to get home and watch all the bits I missed with my Mum (literally the biggest Olympics fan girl). I've got tickets to the Paralympic athletics which I'm so SO excited about :D Have any of you?


  1. Love the skirt! I am so excited that people start doing Intern fashion diaries now. I feel like such a trend setter! Hahaha!

    -Elodie x


    1. Oh I didn't realise you'd done them also thought it was just a standard thing. I must have a browse :) xx


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