Dress: Crew
Jacket: Topshop
Bag: Ebay
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes: ASOS

I'm so gutted that I didn't manage to post this before midnight last night, I've totally ruined my very consistent blogging run. My friend Hol is totally to blame. She phoned me yesterday eve and a couple of hours later we were drinking the most horrendous Mojitos and doing shots...so when I arrived home I thought it'd be best to write and post this today as my judgement wasn't 100%. Although this means that there will be two posts today - which will slightly compensate :D

I'm afraid my OOTD's have basically been the same kind of thing this week: floral dress/leather jacket and the ASOS boots I'm obsessed with: I'm sorry if it's a bit boring. I can assure you that my OOTN Saturday Night post will be significantly more exciting :)

This wasn't what I wanted to wear but I couldn't find the slip for the dress I wanted to wear (once I have found it I'll post about it as it's bloody beautiful). My boyfriend brought me this dress when we were in Padstow two summers ago. I've been having a real rummage through my wardrobe and ebaying some more bits (SEE HERE) and re-discovered this :) It's such a cute and timeless tea dress I'm very glad I've rediscovered it - albeit be it when the sun disappears...

I'm having a few friends over tonight to play beer pong before I move back to London for a few weeks and immerse myself in interning - genuine yay!! :) One of my friend's is coming to stay with me so hopefully I'll be able to continue with regular blogging (my tripod's afwul). What have you got planned?


  1. I love the floral dress, leather jacket and boots combo! :)

  2. gorgeous girl! biker jackets look sooo boom with girly outfits xx


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