If you're a night owl like me this stuff is essential in order to look half alive the next day. All of my best ideas tend to come just as I should be falling asleep so I religiously apply this Anti Dark Circles Complex to counteract and disguise any damage. 

I've always had a complex about baggy eyes and dark circles, when I was 17 I used to have a three hour nap before I went out every weekend to ensure that I never looked too saggy. Now I'm 22 and have reluctantly accepted that I'm never going to be able to fully eradicate my dark circles, caused more by late nights than age. This isn't a new find, I've heard people raving about Dr Nick Lowe (he's an internationally renowned Consultant Dematologist) since I was in 6th form but after having a stressful few days (I took and passed my driving test on Friday) my dark circles and I headed into Boots and hoped for a miracle.

The cream has a light consistency and is very easily absorbed, making it the perfect addition to a make-up bag that's always on the move (like mine) as there's no need to wait to apply make-up. Full of light-reflecting particles it immediately appeared to brighten my dark circles, after my third day of use I even felt confident enough to leave the house without my usual concealer - yay! 

I absolutely recommend this cream to anyone looking for assistance in fading their dark circles away.

Have you tried Dr Nick Lowe's products? Do you have any recommendations?


  1. This sounds like something I definitely need in my life, my dark circles are out of this world! Thanks for the review, will definitely be ordering it soon :)

  2. i definitely need this, insomnia means that i have really bad dark circles but i'm always dubious of any products that claim to help! also congrats on passing your driving test :) x

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