L'OREAL PREFERENCE 01 - Lightest Blonde: £6.79 After spending years and years religiously attending and entrusting hairdressers with my hair, much to the detriment of my finances, I've decided to take a break. I've left work to concentrate upon the final few months of my degree and subsequently had to cut back on my already sparing treats, so my much loved trips to the hairdressers have ended (for now). My roots had become so horrific that I enlisted my Mum, sister and boyfriend to dye my hair, I picked up this L'OREAL shade as it looked pretty, and was quite impressed with the results. Although my results initially had almost strawberry blonde tint, after applying my purple shampoo as a toner for fifteen minutes the colour was more white blond than ginger (much to my relief). I'm pretty impressed and really proud of how well three of my favourites did! I started another ridiculously exciting job today so posts may unfortunately stop being so frequent, however I'm really going to try and remain consistent. It's just getting a bit difficult atm with final year, interning, LFW fast approaching, establishing a Beauty Blog for my university (which is going down a storm!) and trying to enjoy my final year. All the good things happen at once! I may not see my lovely family (bar my mother whose visiting at the weekend) till April but it will ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL be worth it in the end :)

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  1. Amazing your blonde hair dear, definetely a great product!

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  2. I'm always too scared to do my roots at home incase I go mega wrong. Yours looks lovely though!

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