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A small selection of photographs from my instagram over the last week, it's been extremely hectic with LFW - I arranged a lot of backstage coverage and show tickets for my Uni magazine and managed to fit in quite a few more exciting bits too! I was meant to reunited with my beloved pup this eve, but my boyfriend's had to work late so I'm still stuck in London :S It's been far too long since I saw him and I can't wait to get in and wake him up he makes these funny noises when he gets really excited, I pretend its him talking :D He turned four earlier in the month and I couldn't imagine life without him, my younger brother and I pestered my parents for a dog from the moment we knew what one was we weren't allowed for years and instead had a plethora of supplementary pets such as rabbits, gerbils, fish, hamsters and guinea pigs until my little sister asked. She was at little Arch's birth, picked him, single handedly persuaded my parents and I dread to imagine life without him. (I don't quite know why I've blabbed so much about my dog? Sorry!)

I've had a busy day starting and finishing assignments as well as sorting out an outfit for Monday (GA day) and tweeting ASOS (follow me: @sarahrcharrison to see our chat).

I'm going to see Girls Aloud on Monday and have two essay deadlines, the filming for the show I've been assisting on and the final shoot for my Uni magazine so I'll hopefully have lots more photos to share next week :) Have a lovely weekend!

If anyone could recommend a good collage creator or photo editor I'd be super grateful! I'm struggling at the moment as everything I used to religiously use keeps turning into a premium feature *I'm budgeting at the moment*. The one I used for this is awful and even doubled up on one of the photos (I hate things not being perfect but by this point I'd given up).


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