I wore this yellow United Colours of Benetton jumper and a Primark necklace I grabbed in the sale to a fitting yesterday and received a crazy amount of compliments. To say my boyfriend loathes this jumper would be a major understatement, it literally repels him. I picked it up in the menswear section last year and wear it whenever I can guarantee I won't see him haha! I'm quite obsessed with yellow: I blame working at Selfridges for over a year (the yellow bags have made me see yellow in another light). There are two yellow dresses in Zara at the moment which are so beautiful it's been incredibly hard to stop myself purchasing them both, but I know I will cave within the next few weeks/days.

Everything's gone absolutely crazier than I've ever experienced before. I'm assisting a super-stylist at the moment (for which I had to sign my first release form for - so the yellow jumper could be appearing on a screen near you very soon! My boyfriend will be horrified) and am trying to coordinate everything else around that and final year uni work, whilst planning LFW. Eeek! I'm heading back down to London Fashion Week with the Motel girls which I'm SO excited about: so much so that I've already picked my dress :) Are you attending LFW this season?

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  1. great choice! I've got the same necklace and love it! It's uprgrading every outfit!
    ♥ Sunny von STYLESPHERE

  2. Aww the necklace and yellow looks so lovely with your blonde hair! :)

  3. I love the necklace and jumper together! x

  4. That necklace is so pretty very statement xx

  5. absolutly in love with that necklace hun, xxx


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