Top: ZaraTrousers: Paul SmithShoes: ASOS
Today was (as many of you will be aware) the final day of London Fashion Week, I love LFW and have absolutely relished the opportunity to attend for the last three seasons, FROWing with the Editors at my favourite internship, going backstage, interviewing iconic and up and coming designers such as Pam Hogg and PROSE's Miriam Lehle. This has been my final season as Fashion Editor of my university magazine and I've bloody loved it. It was wonderful to enable so many people who contribute to the magazine to attend shows this season, a lot for the first time and reading their reports and looking at their photos has been brilliant. I hope I'll be back in a few season's time when I have a real job. I fell in love and purchased this stunning Zara top almost a month ago, with the sole purpose being to wear it for LFW. The quilted material and jewel embellishment looks and feels so luxe. At just under £40 it's a bit much to spend on a tee but I'm actually considering re-wearing it for my graduation in the summer :) Today I had my MAC makeover, met up with one my first blogging friends Charlene from Strut la mode and went backstage at Ziad Ghanems, observing the application of most INCREDIBLE make-up I've ever seen. The show was utterly incredible: I'm utterly besotted with the yellow ball gown. The music was fabulous and the FROW hilarious. Marc Francis and Victoria of Made in Chelsea fame were rejected from the FROM by a PR shouting across the packed room - how hideous! After a lot of laughs and scoffs from those attending they were allotted one seat which Victoria took, leaving poor Marc to squeeze in between the middle of two chairs: SOOOOOOO not chic!



  1. Loved reading your posts on fashion week. I went yesterday and had such an amazing day. I bet Marc Francis and Victoria were SO embarrassed I would have loved to have seen that!

    1. Ah thank you, it was SO hilarious, they were so humiliated but still trying to act better than everyone else there. xx

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