Shoes: Topshop
Dress: Next
Socks: Topshop
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

After mentioning my birthday gifts in yesterdays blog post. I thought I'd show you one of the two pairs of shoes I was kindly brought by one of my best friends. I sadly couldn't find them online so there is no link to them and I'm afraid I can only give you a rough indication of price: one of my friends was super envious and said she'd seen them in store at £65-£70. There is no shoe name mentioned upon any of the labels: which is why I've encapsulated every aspect of them within my awfully long title description.

They have a leather upper and several capped studs in the inside of the heel. I particularly love that they have a platform - as every girl will know the thicker the platform the smaller the heel height actually is! They've also got a very sturdy buckle which fastens just below the ankle: both supportive and fashionable - essential for when one's had a few too many drinks. What do you think to them?

I'm sorry there's no real styling of them but I just threw on a dress and managed to take one shot before heading off on a bike ride this evening. Its the first one I've been on in years and years but it went pretty well - although, after getting off my bike my legs were like jelly which really emphasised how unfit I truly am. I'm determined to tone up before my month's holiday in New Zealand in December so I may run a small feature on here featuring healthy alternatives and diet tips. As we're currently attempting very healthy but yummy meals at home. Can you recommend any recipes? I'm a sucker for buying cheap chocolate snacks rather than apples at uni and very much need to amend this before I return and get sucked back into my unhealthy snacky ways.


  1. I wanted those beauts SO much, they look amazing with the little socks - what a lovely present! xx

    1. Thank you, the socks are adorable aren't they I'm on my third pair haha xx

  2. Love love love your style, and you are so pretty! *followed* xx

  3. Such a cute outfit :) these shoes are amazing!!

    Jo. x

    1. Thank you! Sure they are - I'm a very lucky girl xx

  4. oooh love those shoes!!

    following you via GFC :) a follow for a follow?

    x x

  5. These are GORGEOUS! You lucky thing x

  6. Those shoes are banginnnnn!!! x

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