Sorry for going M.I.A for the past month, I'd initially wanted to continue my fashion week posts with the below article from LFW but there were a few issues at the magazine it was for and I didn't want to post it before it was published. I had the opportunity to interview the incredible and iconic Pam Hogg, sit behind Jaime Winstone & Alfie Allen and meet Marky Ramone, Bobby Gillespie, Kate Nash and numerous other influential individuals - read my below article for more deets:

Renowned for her innovative style, creativity and refusal to conform to the mainstream, Pam Hogg is an iconic force to be reckoned with. Her S/S 13 collection presented at Vauxhall Fashion Scout was one of the most anticipated collections of London Fashion Week. Lady Mary Charteris' gave Hogg full creative control over her highly publicised wedding dress and wedding attire seemed to be an unconscious inspiration for Hogg's simply stunning Elizabeth I inspired collection.

Full to capacity with hundreds left queuing outside and a FROW comprised of a who’s who of Rock and Roll history, from the onset the audience knew it was going to spectacular! I sat behind Jaime Winstone and Alfie Allen and spied Marky Ramone, Jo Wood, Kate Nash, Nick Rhodes, Bobby Gillespie, Nick Cave and Lady Lloyd in attendance.

Entitled "Save Our Souls" - "S.O.S" Pam Hogg's collection was inspired by the apocalypse "the ashes from the flame, the men, the pioneers, the future. That's it." Showcasing a truly unique and inspiring collection that combined metallic silver and neon jumpsuits with beautiful but risqué nurse attire: consider Florence Nightingale in a thong and you’re half way there… Bobby Gillespie, according to Hogg was "dying to get ill to go to a hospital" after watching the show, and who could blame him?! Hogg is very particular about selecting her models that she refers to as "her girls" and it definitely pays off. The models, including Alice Dellal and Lady Mary Charteris, create and maintain the notion of Hogg's inspiration, enhancing each look whilst retaining the essence of a powerful warrior woman that Hogg so effectually maintains each season. Gillespie confirmed that Hogg's "women look powerful and sexy...almost warrior like:"

For a designer who has so achieved so much Hogg still relishes her dedication to her talent, reiterating that she "does everything: I cut and make the whole thing...I'm a recluse, I do this day and night." This refreshing ethic is inspiring as she remains motivated by her further "potential that I'd like to meet." She's genuinely touched by each compliment of her work, irrespective of whether it was from myself or Marky Ramone. The drummer commented, "that was the future" before elaborating that "I told her that I finally saw in the fashion world what's going to happen...her stuff is 10 years ahead of anyone else's I've seen." Pam Hogg is such a Fashion Icon and it was, without a doubt, my favourite show of the season.

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