Better late than ever ay!Since returning from New Zealand at the start of January everything has been beyond manic, I've been assisting as a Beauty Assistant on a feature film whilst trying to stay on top of uni work - final year is as horrible, if not worse, than everyone tells you it will be. I've definitely missed the swarm of '2012' posts but I really wanted to share my favourite make-up bits with you, these are the products which haven't left my side since purchasing them. I'm afraid it's more of a iloveiloveilove than a constructive product review but there's literally nothing awful I could say about any of them.. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - This cult product is an absolutely timeless essential. I grew up with my Mum heralding it and remember pretending that it was a lip gloss when I was very young. It's recently helped me through horrific sunburn on Bondi Beach and nourished my chapped lips during England's recent episode of snow. I picked up this lovely tin in the duty free at Sydney for a bargain $10 and especially love the cutesy yellow dress on the front.
. Dolce and Gabanna lipstick - Only Monica: 80. This is my all time favourite shade ♥ It's moisturising formula and long-lasting colour are just marvellous.. Urban Decay - Sin - My FAVOURITE EYE SHADOW EVER, EVER, EVER! I'm so obsessed with this shade that I've had to purchase an individual pot after using the shade up in every UD palette I have and have already hit the pan in it :S It's so versatile and can be used when create a natural eye look as well as providing an extra dimension to a smoky brown or black eye.
. Illamasqua - Nomad - I only recently purchased this shade but it's quickly become my go to nail varnish: my boyfriend's favourite colour is green and he was wearing a green polo shirt when I met him, so green always reminds me of him :). Clinique - Peony I'm yet to try the new version of this blush but I absolutely love the subtle glow that this powder creates.. Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish - Clear: This great value, rapid dry varnish is perfect as a top or base coat and has the loveliest fan brush (my pet peeve with nail varnish's) making it super easy to apply. It's also great as just a clear varnish to create a lovely fake gloss to your nails if you, like me, suffer from dull nails. . Elizabeth ArdenI wore this beautiful Pure Finish highlighter to my 21st Birthday Party and almost every day since then. The colours are gorgeous and its creates the most perfect natural glow, I had the most unfortunate accident with it whilst I was in Paris and accidentally dropped it. It smashed across the bathroom floor and I was utterly heartbroken, I managed to salvage quite a bit but every time I open it I lose a bit more :'( . YSL - Dare to Glow Highlighting Veil an investment product which is so wonderful at providing a dewy glow and very natural shimmer either below your foundation or dabbed on top.If you did a post on your favourite make-up products from 2012 please link it below as I'd love to have a read :)

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