The Aer Blowdry

Aer Blow Dry Bar, 172 Old Brompton Road, SW5

Blowdry bar's are another thing that I'm a little late to the party with (soz guys!), but last week I visited Aer for my first proper blow dry and now I totally get what all the fuss is about.

I only got my first real job-job last summer and up to then I'd been spending every single one of my spare pennies on commuting to London (and my spontaneous American road trip) so having great, sleek and blow-dried hair was a luxury I'd never really treated myself to. I think this was mainly due to having a quite unrealistic idea on how much one would cost if I'm totally honest: Aer's are a very reasonable £35, with upstyles costing £45 and packages of 6 or 12 blowrdys available to purchase (I'm SO tempted to invest in one of these!!)

The salon's interior decor is perfectly pretty: with pintrest-able pots of plants, gold trimmed mirrors, blush pink tiles and a pun-ny neon sign. Blowdry stations run along the wall, with two cute tables in the centre of the salon featuring sliding mirrors: enabling you to sit and gossip whilst getting your hair did.

I visited Aer with my friend Alice, whilst I opted the 'London' style (promising 'big loose waves') from the iPad filled with blowdry options and updo's Alice asked for sleek loose curls.

As a blowdry novice I was totally enchanted by the amount of hair brushes that were assembled in my hair to create this look: we counted seven in total. I definitely wouldn't advise attempting to recreate this at home, as it will most certainly end up with at least one brush totally and utterly stuck in your hair.

We had such a fun evening, the team were so friendly and sweet: ensuring that Alice's fringe was dried and styled how she likes it (there's nothing worse than leaving a hair dressers hating you hair - we've alllll been there), whilst also giving me tips on how to maintain volume in longer-length hair.

Aer's conveniently open from 7:30am on week days, closing as late as 8:30pm of Friday's enabling you to get a pre-meeting or wedding blow dry in the early hours, late before a spontaneous date or even as a treat on your lunch.

If you've already broken all your well-intended new years resolutions, make one you'll keep and treat yourself to a blow dry. I definitely will be :)



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