I turned 25 a week today and, as I was whisked away for a surprise birthday celebrations in Budapest I didn't manage to get this finished in time...

I've always felt that 25 is the final birthday where you can still feel 'young,' free and get away with being a little reckless. So when I realised that I would now qualify for the 'overs' category on X Factor I panicked.

My mum was married, with a house and me by the time she turned 25 and the closer I've got to this age the more, and more I've felt genuinely scared.

People seemed to have their full life planned by now and I'm not remotely there. I still like to spend a day watching PLL, often have cereal for dinner and still can't sew on a button.

Time seems even more valuable and important than ever before so while I'm feeling all precious about age, I thought I'd share 25 things I've learnt along my way...

1, Work hard and always be nice to people.
Even if it's sometimes very difficult to do so, the world needs all the kindness it can get - moreso now than ever.

2, It's okay that you don't look like ___insert celeb name here (my girl crush will forever be Blake Lively)_____.
They've often been blessed with truly great genes, have disposable monies leading to a comfortable lifestyle and access to: a personal trainer/stylist/nutritionist/chef/assistant/driver and airbrushing.

3, Spend your money on experiences and memories instead of things.
Pretty things are great but holidays, adventures and time with friends + family are much more rewarding.

4, Wear your freaking bikini, as regardless of whether you feel 'bikini ready' or not, you should always jump in the pool.

5, Know your worth, remember it and fight for it.

6, Always get everything in writing. 
Always, always, always. There is no exception to this.

7, A tidy room/house/flat = a tidy mind.
No matter how hard it is to achieve and maintain, keep at it.

8, Read as much and as often as you can.  

9, True love is really great. It honestly exists and it'll certainly surprise you.

10, Try to exercise more and be grateful that, if you wanted to go running tomorrow you could. 
It's pretty hard to sprint when you're 85.

11, Some people will always let you down (ref.16).
It's bloody annoying but remember it's the ones that make it up to you that matter.

12, Don't let anyone who isn't a qualified Benefit Brow Bar professional near your eyebrows. 
You'll only live to regret it.

13, Invest in a great bath oil or foam - nothing beat's a Neom bubble bath.

14, Sometimes goodbye isn't always the end.
Reconnecting with a lost friend could be the best thing you two ever did.

15, Accept that some brands come up two sizes too small or two sizes too big.
Don't over think labels, it's totally okay to go up a size (or two) to get the right fit.

16, People change and friends aren't always the friends you think or expect them to be.
Life moves on and so will you.

17, It's certainly not too late to rethink your plan. 
The dream you've always had for yourself may simply not excite and engage you any more.

18, Practically all of the life advice your parents gave you will make sense now. 
They were pretty much right about everything.

19, TRY.
You can achieve pretty much anything you set your mind to. Learn from your failures as it's better to attempt something than regret never trying.

20,  Accept that the majority of 'cool' celebrities and influencers are younger than you. 
You've hit that age and are now 'old' to anyone 18 and under.

21, Forgive people and forget them.
Channel Lauren Conrad forever and always.

22, Things will often find a way of working themselves out.
Don't stress too much, you'll almost certainly look back at the moment you had a huge freak out/quarter life crises and laugh at how it all worked out fine in the end.

23, Hangovers honestly do get worse with age.

24, Staying in is often so much more fun than going out.

25, Value your time with everyone dear to you. 
To quote my mother "you never know how long you have." Life can be really cruel and short so enjoy it.

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