Dress of the month: The Zara embroidered floral dress

Dress, Zara; Shoes, Topshop

So this little embroidered style from Zara has already made a huge impact across social media, seen on every blogger, street styler and influencer available... despite still being available both in-store and online it's selling for a pretty little profit on eBay.

I'd been holding off on purchasing this as everyone has it, but after almost purchasing it several times within a couple of days I just couldn't hold off much longer and decided that I bloody love it. I love embroidered dresses and life is just too short to not buy the dress you want.

Whilst this embroidered style may seem a little too cutesy, it can easily be toughened up with tights and mannish flats.

If you're set on not following the crowd's here are a few more on-trend embroidered florals dresses...
Kimono sleve mini dress, £65, Asos; Embroidered long sleeve dress, £25, Boohoo; Spot mesh embroidered dress, £70, Asos Premium; Floral dress, £135 £60, French Connection; Petite folk dress, £35, Boohoo; Double layer dress, £85, River Island


  1. It's such a gorgeous dress, the style is totally not something I could pull off though *sad face* You look amazing in it, really suits you x

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

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