5 Goals for the rest of 2016:

I’m sort of still in denial that it’s November. It’s totally crazy how quickly this year’s flown by and I’m almost a little overwhelmed by how close 2017 is - I’ve already got a wedding and a girls holiday in the diary for next year, which I know will come around before I know it.

2016 has been one mad old year and to keep me motivated and inspired for the last little bit of it, I’ve 
set myself a few little goals to focus on before I get too overwhelmed by Christmas shopping and finding the right NYE dress.

1, Organise a spa day
I’ve not seen my Nanny, Grandma or Auntie enough this year and I really want to get a date in for us (along with my Mum and sister) to go on a little spa day before Christmas. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for good offers but please let me know if you spot any…

2, Increase my social following
I know this is the smallest, most insignificant thing in the grand scheme of life, (and pretty sad to admit) but hitting 2,000 followers on Instagram and 3,000 subscribers on YouTube would really make my month. I’m making such a conscious effort to be consistent on both and am slowly, but surely, seeing little results – so, please do come and say hi (on both ;D) if you haven’t already.

3, Disconnect more
Mainly due to the above, I’m always on my phone and am making a conscious effort to turn it off over the weekend and just enjoy spending time with boyfriend/friends and family instead of scrolling through insta for the 100th time. There's something quite liberating about letting your phone die and not making any effort to charge it over the weekend.

4, Make more ‘me’ time
I’m quite terrible at saying no to things and always try to do more, so setting time aside to just put a face mask on and paint my nails is a rare treat. I don’t want it to be, so I’ve started doing pilates a couple of nights a week and have re-started my calligraphy – if I can write my Christmas cards in a cute style I’ll be a happy gal.

5, Get back to the gym
Kind of continuing with the above, I had a bit of a mad 2015-2016 and really let my work/life priorities slip. I never managed to get to the gym as I’d get in from work so late and now I’ve started a new job, closer to home, I’m keen to get back into my fitness. I’ve set myself the goal of getting abs before I turn 26 and I’m dedicated to making it a reality. 


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