5 Ways To Make February More Productive Than January:

Blazer, Marks & Spencer; Jeans, Pull & Bear; Boots, Topshop

To be perfectly honest, even I know as I type this out, it's not the most logical of posts. Since returning to work in 2017 it's been ALL go-go-go which I love, I'm styling my first shoot for the magazine I work for next week and as I'm a massive perfectionist it's been taking up 99.9% of my time, brain, thought process and creative energy. So sadly things on here have fallen a little behind as I've been thinking about plant props and any possible extra accessories I could have forgotten en route to and from work, and in the evenings rather than planning bits for this - which is what I'd usually be doing.

Whilst it's totally fine for priorities to shift, it's so important (for me at least) not to lose track of the other bits and bobs that I love and really care for.

Whilst this has almost inevitably meant lots of late nights editing videos and typing up posts I'm keen not to fall behind on my blog or my YouTube channel as I really so enjoy creating content for both and as I've been slipping between the two over the last couple of weeks I've been looking into ways to be more productive and here are five that have helped me the most...


Jotting down ideas, to-do lists, plans, reminders, shopping lists and, sometimes just plain nonsense. I tend to have at least two notebooks on the go at once.

When it get's a little busier all of a sudden it's often all too easy to be a little overwhelmed and I find making lists of things that I need to-do, and want to do a much easier way in which to manage, plan and schedule everything.

Sometimes writing in different coloured pens, or highlighting key phrases or ideas helps makes sense of an otherwise totally chaotic jumbled up mess of ideas.

SO handy, especially when you're dipping in and out of your notebooks so sporadically through the day.


However tempting it is, I've been avoiding my snooze button as best as I can.

Despite it being absolutely freezing and oh so dark outside getting up and getting on with things straight away feels so much better than spending 10 minutes scrawling through insta before finally deciding to peel myself out of bed. I don't quite know who I've become but as much as I hate to say it (as I love a lie-in more than you could know) I have a much more productive day when I get up straight away.


I generally struggle a little too much with remembering my diary on a day-to-day basis but when I have it in a tote and ready to go my morning's run so much smoother.

I inevitably otherwise forget what I have planned weeks, months or even at the end of that week and often (read: constantly) double book myself. If I have my diary on me it's almost certain to be a good day.


Having the right atmosphere to work in is so key, whether it's a sassy playlist featuring all of your fave Beyonce songs to help you through the washing up or some nostalgic indie hits from 2008 getting the right track keeps me getting stuff done, whilst remaining in the (difficult, and sometimes very short-lived) mind set of wanting to get stuff done.


Whether you classify 'getting ready' as popping on your dressing gown and working from your kitchen table/the sofa or popping on a suit, heels and a full face of make up dressing up for the day can really alter your frame of mind.

Despite personally preferring the days where I've just applied a little concealer and tinted lip balm, the days where I've gone all-out with curled hair and a liquid eyeliner flick are the ones in which I feel most ready to take on the day.



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