5 Things To Help Your Mental Health.


It’s been a very weird month (or so…) for me and, as a crystal healer I met at a press day today remarked, I’m quite fragile. Which I hate. I hate not feeling like ‘me.’ Whilst this is down to quite literally 101 things (that I absolutely won’t bore you with) that are mostly entirely out of my control I’ve been on a mission this week to give myself a little bit more self-care. Making time for me is something I’ve always struggled with; I try and have great intentions. But, something always, always, always crops up or gets in the way. 

So as I’ve been (actively) making time for me, I thought I’d share 5 little things that have been helping. Up to now they’d sadly been rather forgotten, but now I've cleared some time and prioritised them they’re certainly helping me to feel a little less stressed, anxious, uneasy and (yes!) ‘fragile.’

I really hope my little post encourages one of you to set some time aside for yourself this evening as your mental health is bloomin’ important! To quote a rather cliched quote, that I've become quite fond of, 'the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship that you have.' If you can't make time for yourself and put yourself at the top of your own to-do list then the likelihood is that others won't. Make time for you!

1, See proper pals
Making time to see pals who’ve known you at your best and your worst is always a good idea. Not only does it give you a little perspective, you can truly be honest with them. They’ll have context and know the back-story. It’s also quite lovely to have a chat where Internet things just don’t get bought up. Switching-off a over wired brain by getting nostalgic and chatting about hometown gossip is pretty great.

2, Pamper yourself
Whether that entails a trip to Cowshed, or simply popping on a sheet mask and painting your nails off-line activities instantly make me feel much, much better. I may actually write up a little post on my go-to pamper routine as thanks to this situ I’ve got it pretty much down to a tea.

The best thing about this is that you can go all-out and get a facial, massage and mani-pedi OR just simply indulge in a hair mask and take all your make up off. There’s something very satisfying about removing all your makeup and popping on a luxe facial oil.

3, Hot Water Bottles
Whilst it’s pretty pathetic to admit, sleeping alone for the last month has been so cold and dull that my trusty hot water bottle’s quickly become my best pal. Up to now I’d totally underappreciated mine and am honestly (still) quite astonished at how comforting they are, popping the kettle on and making one up’s become part of my night-time routine.

4, Tidy-room tidy-mind
Those of you who follow me on insta (I’m SarahRoseGoes) will have seen that I had a huge clear out last weekend. To say it was a long time coming would be such an understatement, getting on top of things and having a good clear out was so needed. There’s something incredibly soothing about going to bed in a tidy room and knowing that everything’s where you want it to be.

5, Making time for a hobby
The days where dance classes, swimming and gymnastics are, SO long gone for me. I seriously envy my little cousins who are able to go running 4 times a week and see their friends. After wanted to learn calligraphy for the past three years or so, I finally sat down this week and started practicing in my pjs. Sitting down and not looking at a screen of any kind for an evening felt so odd. But not constantly refreshing twitter or insta was quite a nice break.

If you can, get outdoors. Go for a walk, a run, even a picnic. Getting some fresh air works wonders for me.


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