Feeling Inadequate?

In all honesty I feel utterly inadequate at least twice a week. Tending to flitter between feeling either personally inadequate, professionally inadequate or physically inadequate. I worry a lot (as you can probably tell...) and over questioning and over analysing things all the time certainly doesn't help.

So when I sat down to film a little haul a couple of months ago and just didn't feel quite up to it I thought I'd just have a little chat about my insecurities and my hang ups instead. It ended up being quite a ramble and it look so so so so long to edit it down into something that sort-of made sense. I was almost finished with it and unsure what to do when it was completed when I was reminded that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week. I'm so passionate about mental health and promoting awareness of and conversations around it that I thought it would be quite selfish not to post it. If it resonates with one of you then it will 100% be worth the hours and hours of editing.

This is something totally different to anything I've ever filmed before so do bear with me...


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