The Summer Dress You Can Wear All Winter

Gingham just seems to be the trend that keeps giving and giving.

It might have captured our hearts last summer in a major way but the (mostly) monochrome trend is so classic it’s impossible not to be drawn to its nostalgic tablecloth-checks year after year.

Maybe it’s due to design being such a staple print within our lives – gingham pinafores were a school uniform signature - that each iteration, regardless of how contemporary the cut feels familiar. It’s one of those few trends you’ll just have pieces in your wardrobe which will help you tap into. This Topshop blouse is still going strop two summer’s later. 

It’s been a busy summer – everything’s gone entirely mad since I’ve gone freelance, I feel as though 
I’m on a constant catch up – and I really should have shared this dream dress with you much, much sooner.

Helpfully, the seemingly never ending summer has meant that I’m still wearing my gingham dress in September, which is something I absolutely wouldn’t have believed should you have told me it’d still be a go-to of mine when I picked it up in May.
It’s still available instore and online now and is a firm favourite of mine and has been hugely popular amongst a good portion of the various offices I’ve been in and out of this summer.

What I love most about this maxi style though is that this gingham or vichy – read more on this buzzword here - dress is endlessly versatile. You can wear it over you bikini as a cover-up to the beach or, with heels and a cute clutch for a dinner date switching to mules and a pastel lip for a summer wedding. Or, you can simply pair with trainers and wear to the office – like I have.

And yes, whilst this might seem like a lot of options for a gingham 'summer' dress at the end of summer it’s not just limited to summer. I’ll be wearing mine through till next year by layering cashmere knits over the top, or layering over a basic rollneck.

Wear yours, whenever and wherever! 

Here are a few of the other gingham styles from the high street that I'm loving at the mo, 



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